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Gelato x Ruderalis

by Vision Seeds

A welcome addition to the Marijuana Grow Shop Cannabis seeds bank, Vision Seeds personal take on the legendary dessert strain, Vision Gelato Auto, is a fantastic indica-dominant autoflowering hybrid with a heavy-handed euphoric impact and a heavenly taste to match. 

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Vision Gelato Auto Genetics

Balancing easy growth with sensory perfection, the seed company Vision Seeds have combined vigorous ruderalis genetics with Gelato’s impressive DNA profile to produce an auto-flowering hybrid of impeccable quality.

A member of the Cookies family that needs little introduction, Gelato (sometimes known as Larry Bird) is an indica-leaning cannabis hybrid with a reputation for excellence. A crossbreed of cup winners Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mints GSC, this Bay Area superstar, packs a heady, THC dominant hit, but is best known for the wonderful earthy and citrus aromas from which it takes its name. 

Now available in a user-friendly, auto-flowering feminised seeds variety, with Vision Gelato Auto feminised cannabis seeds, growing this California classic has never been more straightforward.

Vision Gelato Auto Terpene Profile

Following in the footsteps of its parent plants, Vision Gelato Auto has an unusually evocative terpene profile, ranking it among the most delicious dessert strains on the market.

High levels of limonene lend Vision Gelato Auto it’s pleasant fruity finish, with notes of blueberry and orange nectar notable amongst more prominent citrus flavours. A rich, earthy base comes courtesy of caryophyllene and humulene terpenes, which acts as the perfect counterbalance to the cannabis strain’s syrup-like aftertaste.

The plant’s aroma, while undercut by similar woody fragrance, is also sugary sweet, making Vision Gelato Auto the ideal after-dinner treat.

Vision Gelato Auto Effects

Along with its award-winning taste, Vision Gelato is also famed as a powerful mental stimulant and mood lifter. While indica-dominant, its effects are mostly cerebral that will leave users in an amazingly happy mood – both uplifted and pleasantly euphoric. 

Potent, with a THC level pushing 20%, energising effects are followed by a calming, tranquil sensation, allowing Vision Gelato Auto to be comfortably enjoyed at any time while remaining productive during your daily routine.

Vision Gelato Auto Medical Benefits

Research shows that the compounds responsible for Vision Gelato Auto’s flavour also harbour medicinal benefits that can have a healing influence on the mind and body, 

Caryophyllene and humulene share the same chemical formula and similar therapeutic qualities. These two sesquiterpenes lend Vision Gelato Auto anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, making it an excellent choice for treating physical injuries.

Limonene is known to boost mood and reduce anxiety, making these cannabis seeds great for those looking to grow cannabis to help ease symptoms of stress and depression.

How to Grow Vision Gelato Auto

As an auto-flowering variant of Gelato, Vision Gelato Auto feminised seeds boast a radically reduced flowering time from their photoperiod counterpart, making this cannabis strain suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Ready for harvest in just nine weeks from germination, its short life-cycle also means multiple harvests are possible in a single season, making up for lower yields of around 250-450gr/m2.

Covered with power packed buds coated in purple and orange hairs, Vision Gelato Auto’s gleaming look is just as inviting as its wonderful earthy and citrus taste and fans of cannabis concentrates are sure to appreciate the incredible amount of resin offered by this infamous THC powerhouse.