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Caramel Monster x Ruderalis

by Vision Seeds

A welcome addition to our seeds bank, Vision Caramello Auto is an impressive indica-dominant hybrid strain from popular seeds company, Vision Seeds. Available in autoflowering seeds, Vision Caramello offers a mouth-wateringly sweet aroma and flavour, coupled with impressively powerful and relaxing effects.

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Vision Caramello Auto Genetics

Vision Caramello auto feminised seeds were created by combining a ruderalis strain with Vision Seeds’ popular indica heavy hybrid, Caramel Monster. These feminised cannabis seeds show the best traits of these parent strains when they grow including the high THC content that Caramel Monster is known for.

Vision Caramello cannabis seeds take many of the characteristics from its parent, Caramel Monster, known for its dense, orange coated buds and sweet, moreish flavour. Caramel Monster is a THC heavy beast in the world of seeds, and Vision Caramello certainly takes after its Daddy!

Vision Caramello Auto Terpene Profile

We are still working to determine the full terpene profile of Vision Caramello auto feminised cannabis, but based on the rich cacophony of scents and flavours, combined with the genetic profile, we can make some very educated estimations on what makes up this stunning cannabis strain.

The almost candy-like, caramel sweetness of Vision Caramello is likely to be created, in part, by linalool, a sweet terpene with a touch of spice. The woody aroma and honey coffee-edged taste, especially on the exhale, probably comes a combination of the musky, earthy blend of caryophyllene and humulene.

Vision Caramello Auto Effects

The high THC content (around 20%) present in this Vision Seeds cannabis strain means that the most noticeable effect of Vision Caramello is a near-instant feeling of relaxation. A calming, full-body buzz that can result in an almost meditative state.

Combined with this pure chill-out feeling is an undertone of utter euphoria, a happy, blissful sensation that could well lead to some giggling fits.  This is a great lazy Sunday cannabis strain, and also works well to take the edge off after a busy workday.

Vision Caramello Auto Medical Benefits Auto

For those of you considering growing medical marijuana, there are a few potential health benefits worthy of mention with Vision Caramello. Caryophyllene is the only terpene that binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body in the same way THC does. Combined with the high THC content, there could be some potential in using Vision Caramello Auto for those with chronic pain conditions or recurring migraines.

Both myrcene and linalool are thought to have sedative effects, meaning this indica-dominant Vision Seeds auto feminised strain could also assist those suffering from insomnia. 

How to Grow Vision Caramello Auto

Available as feminised seeds, Vision Caramello are easy to grow auto seeds that should flourish indoors and outdoors with a minimal level of effort.

Expect an impressively high yield for an autoflowering strain (up to around 450 gr/m2 indoors) and short, stocky plants which are relatively fast-growing, and can be ready in as little as eight weeks when grown indoors. Outdoor growing is possible in most climates and areas, although these Vision Seeds plants may struggle a little in higher altitudes.

Vision Caramello feminised seeds will certainly let you know when they’re ready, with the potent, beautifully sweet aroma giving you a sense of the rich, relaxing cannabis strain you’re about to enjoy.