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Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

by Vision Seeds

In the world of seeds, Gelato is a cannabis cup winner on every strain hunters to-grow list, thanks to its powerhouse combo of dank flavour and potent effects. Vision Seeds has taken these dank genetics from great to exceptional with these easy to grow sativa-dominant hybrid seeds. Presenting Pure Gelato, an uplifting, high-THC euphoric delight to arouse all of your senses. 

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Pure Gelato Genetics

Pure Gelato is the sweet offshoot of the classic Girl Scout Cookie cannabis strain. Initially, Pink Panties was crossed with Girl Scout Cookies to make Sunset Sherbet, while Durban Poison was bred with OG Kush to make Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

From there, Vision Seeds went on to breed Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC to make Pure Gelato, a high-THC, low-CBD sativa-dominant hybrid.

Pure Gelato Terpene Profile 

Pure Gelato smells and tastes equal parts fruity and earthy, inheriting a fresh menthol note and sweetness from its Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies genetics.

The limonene terpene creates a zesty citrus note while the linalool terpene generates a rare dankness of earthy aftertastes – you might find something akin to delicious, fresh berries

Pure Gelato Effects

Looking for a happy and uplifting experience? Vision Seeds has created Pure Gelato to help put you in a pleasant and productive mood, allowing you to stay mentally agile throughout the day.

While Pure Gelato is not lacking in THC (around 18%)  this potent high finishes on a relaxing note that won’t wipe you out. As such, Pure Gelato is a great strain for enjoying either during the day or the evening, particularly in the company of good friends.

Medical Benefits Pure Gelato

Pure Gelato’s high THC content and unique blend of terpenes could provide some sweet relief with THC shown to be a potent remedy for chronic pain

The uplifting effects of THC and the limonene terpene in these sweet seeds may also help aid in treating stress, anxiety and depression. Linalool, also seemingly present in Pure Gelato is shown to provide relaxing effects and may also help to fight fatigue in medical marijuana patients.

How to Grow Pure Gelato Seeds

Not the easiest feminized cannabis seeds to grow, novices may want to wait on trying Pure Gelato, while experienced cultivators may appreciate taking on a new challenge. These feminised cannabis seeds grow well both indoors and outdoors with a rapid flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. 

Try growing Pure Gelatos in a tent indoors to contain the pungent fragrance or grow outside in a warm and humid climate. Pure Gelato female seeds will grow to a medium height and produce small but dense buds with bright orange hairs and a thick coat of resin.