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Nicole x OG Kush

by Vision Seeds

Describing this cannabis strain as ‘one of the most notable in their collection’, Vision Seeds are certainly proud of this marijuana seed and rightly so. The latest addition to the kush cannabis family is a genuinely amazing indica-dominant hybrid strain that sports a luscious coat of sparkling resin, giving it a shiny almost effervescent glow.

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Nicole x OG Strain Genetics 

This cannabis strain is a bit of a mystery, with its lineage causing some contention among the cannabis community. However, both Nicole and OG are popular strains of kush marijuana in their own right. Nicole herself is a cup winner, having scooped first place in the Coffeeshop category at the IC 420 Growers Cup 2015 among others. 

Speaking of popular strains, if you’ve not heard of an OG strain, it’s time to get educated. Although there is some argument as to what OG stands for – leading contenders include ‘Ocean Grown’ or ‘Original Gangster’ – the OG kush cannabis strain is a pillar of cannabis culture.

Today, the famous OG strain is a proud parent to a plethora of many a hybrid strain around the globe, as customers rate kush marijuana highly it for its unique taste, scent, and euphoric high. 

Nicole x OG Strain Terpene Profile

This cannabis strain’s terpene profile is myrcene dominant, a terpene often occurring in highly fragrant plants such as mangoes, hops, thyme, lemongrass and basil, so it’s easy to see where these strain types get their juice. 

A delicious, slightly tart berry flavour is present within these cannabis seeds, a high THC content (thought to be pushing 20%) is complemented by a tinge of earthy, woody tones with a subtle spicy accent, attributed to the secondary presence of caryophyllene. 

This amazing strain certainly smells and tastes incredible. As you grind this cannabis strain, expect your senses to be assaulted as a combination of citrus berry and pine take up residence in your nose. Next, it’s your tongues turn to be treated, as the smooth velvety smoke from Nicole x OG kicks out a creamy burst of forest fruit, accented with a spicy herbal hit.

Nicole x OG Strain Effects

Although initially, this hybrid strain can get the creative juices flowing, evoking deep conversation and ideas, a combination of a very high THC level and the typical effects of popular indica strains means couch lock is pretty much inescapable. CBD level is negligible at less than 1%.

Essentially, you want to make sure that your schedule is clear as you will have no choice but to take some chill time and let said couch lock take hold.

Essentially, this OG strain is guaranteed to calm even the most tightly wound individual, with a long-lasting, delicately relaxing high, somewhat reminiscent of a warm bubble bath. 

Nicole x OG Strain Medical Benefits

Due to the high levels of myrcene and THC content, there are varied therapeutic uses for this amazing strain. However, these kush seeds are cited as particularly useful for combating depression, primarily if it is affecting your sleep.

Despite a high THC level, the soothing effects of this OG strain are unrivalled. You can kiss goodbye to conditions such as insomnia, even if it is just a temporary respite from the restless rut.

When used as medical cannabis, customers rate Nicole x OG and strain types like it, as an effective tool against fatigue too as it can help to improve sleep.

Myrcene, found in a number of different strains of medical cannabis is also hailed as a powerful anti-inflammatory, making it useful in the management of tension-related conditions such as migraines, headaches and chronic pain.

How to Grow Nicole x OG Strain

These cannabis seeds are certainly easy to grow and don’t really require much grow advice. Small but perfectly formed, these ‘seeds for beginners’ were never destined for great heights; but what it lacks in stature, this hybrid strain more than makes up for in resin production.

Flowering time takes around 8 – 10 weeks with the potent buds wearing a beautiful thick coat of sticky resin.

So if you’re interested in buying seeds today, why look further? This potent marijuana seed can be grown both indoors and out, with her compact size making these cannabis seeds particularly easy to grow indoors.

Although if you take this ocean grown winner outdoors, you will be rewarded with a generous yield of up to 800 g per m2 (compared to around 650 indoors).