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California Orange

by Vision Seeds

A cut off the old block, the Doctor Jamaica cannabis strain is a phenotype of the old-school classic and strain hunters favourite from the U.S, California Orange, also affectionately known as Cali-O. Brought to you by Dutch seed bank Vision Seeds, Doctor Jamaica cannabis seeds are easy to grow, with a taste somewhat reminiscent of delicious freshly-squeezed oranges.

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Doctor Jamaica Strain Genetics

Doctor Jamaica is the child prodigy of the famous cannabis cup winner California Orange, but because its hereditary parent was created by Vision Seeds back in the early 80s. The precise DNA genetics of the Doctor Jamaica strain has been lost in the mists of time. However, it is generally agreed that both mother and child are an even split of indica and sativa traits, allowing these delicious seeds to flourish into an evenly balanced hybrid strain.

Vision Seeds offers the Doctor Jamaica cannabis strain as both regular cannabis seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Doctor Jamaica Strain Terpene Profile

Doctor Jamaica has an interesting terpene profile, inherited from its rich DNA genetics. Thanks to aromatic compounds such as limonene, it boasts a citrus-packed punch of fresh orange and lemon sourness.

Also present is linalool, which can be found in many flowers such as lavender, as well as mint and cinnamon. This terpene adds a sweet, floral note to this plants delightful aroma.

Spicy caryophyllene offers a distinct peppery flavour to tickle your taste buds, and humulene gives Doctor Jamaica those earthy undertones you’ll uncover on the exhale.

Doctor Jamaica Strain Effects

This balanced hybrid offers a euphoric and uplifting experience which at the same time is also remarkably relaxing. Be prepared for a pleasant, functional high which will get your creative juices flowing.

Doctor Jamaica is a cannabis strain that may help with productivity and offers an enjoyable, sociable high when shared with friends. 

Even though it has moderate THC levels (between 10 and 15%), it is best to use Doctor Jamaica in moderation as too much will lead to a more sedated, body-stoned effect when the so-called couch-lock can set in.

Doctor Jamaica Strain Medical Benefits

The combined therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids and terpenes in this sunny, medicinal plant gives Doctor Jamaica a variety of potential medical benefits. 

Ongoing medical research suggests that the cannabinoid THC has highly effective pain-relieving potential which, with the right dosage, can help to relieve symptoms of chronic pain. 

The uplifting linalool terpene, also found in Doctor Jamaica, allows this strain to be experienced during daytime hours without feeling too sedated. As a natural mood-booster, linalool is thought to be beneficial for those suffering from depression and anxiety.

How to Grow Doctor Jamaica Seeds

Doctor Jamaica feminized seeds produce sturdy, medium-sized, compact plants which can be quickly grown both indoors and outdoors.

These wonderful female seeds produce stunningly attractive plants with large flowers, moss green leaves and buds oozing with resin. The rapid flowering time of these truly elite seeds means it’ll be yours for the taking following a 9-week flowering period.

Although the regular cannabis seeds produce something of an average yield, these delicious seeds are well worth the effort thanks to the extraordinary flavour and aroma. 

How to Grow Doctor Jamaica Autoflowering Seeds

As part of their collection, Vision Seeds also provide Doctor Jamaica feminized autoflower seeds.  Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be sown both indoors and outdoors easily.

Although auto seeds produce a smaller yield, Doctor Jamaica autoflower seeds germinate into a fairly potent plant with THC levels potentially reaching anywhere from 15 to 19%. 

Doctor Jamaica auto seeds have a shorter flowering time too, with growers enjoying the fruits of their labour in a mere 8 to 10 weeks.