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Original Amnesia x Buddha Kush

by Vision Seeds

A potent powerhouse, Amnesia x Buddha Kush seeds from Vision Seeds is a perfect combination of two legendary strain types, playing effortlessly to the strengths of each to deliver a potent and balanced sativa leaning hybrid strain.

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Amnesia x Buddha Kush Strain Genetics

Coming together to give us the best of both worlds, these cannabis seeds are the perfect cross of exotic Asian strain types. With original Amnesia hailing from Cambodian and South Asian parents, and OG Kush strains having been named after the famous Hindu ‘Kush’ mountain range in India.

Within this cannabis strain, sativa and indica unite, with sativa dominant influences narrowly leading those indica effects. After achieving a dominant sativa seed, it was then possible to play with THC levels, yielding seeds within a stable (yet still particularly high) range of 20%without impacting on potency.

Amnesia x Buddha Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Terpinolene takes centre stage within these easy to grow hybrid seeds, which is unusual as this terpene doesn’t often play a leading role.  Unlike other terpenes that display one or two fragrances at best, terpinolene exhibits a piney, woody aroma, with nods of earthy citrus and spice which almost feels festive. And with this plant producing peppery caryophyllene too, the resulting scent is indeed somewhat reminiscent of warm mulled wine.

As if this cannabis strain didn’t already smell tempting enough, the presence of Ocilene only enhances this charming aroma. Often used in perfume, the addition of this terpene leaves your plant producing an exquisitely sweet bouquet of that wonderful earthy citrus.

Amnesia x Buddha Kush Strain Effects

With the feistiness of Amnesia and the chilled out nature of Buddha Kush, it’s clear we have a bit of conflict going on here, but for the effects of this stimulatingly spiritual cannabis strain to really take hold, we need both. Think of Buddha Kush as the Yin to original Amnesia’s Yang. 

As the name Buddha would suggest, OG Kush strain types really can conjure up a meditative state, helping to relieve stress and nullify the intense psychotropic effects of Amnesia without diluting your high.  Expect to feel happy and uplifted, as these hybrid seeds allow you to ride a cerebral, creativity boosting wave of euphoria.

Medical Benefits Amnesia x Buddha Kush Strain

The earthy citrus terpenes present in Amnesia x Buddha Kush seeds almost demand you take some time out to relax and let go of some stress, invaluable for the management of conditions such as anxiety. If you struggle to meditate, why not use these fast flowering Amnesia cannabis seeds as a stepping stone to help clear your mind?

With the help of these hybrid seeds, the effects of Amnesia are said to help with improved sleep, lower blood pressure, and pain control. Needless to say, you won’t regret adding this particular cannabis strain to your seeds collection.

How to Grow Amnesia x Buddha Kush Seeds

Easy to grow, with a relatively quick flower period, these cannabis seeds can cultivate both an indoor or outdoor yield. Although a relatively resistant plant, be sure to feed it adequately from the start in order to maintain its strength and integrity from germination. 

Being sativa dominant also means that this cannabis strain grows tall, producing large thick resinous buds that make Amnesia x Buddha Kush seeds a welcome addition to your seeds collection. Expect an aesthetically pleasing plant which almost boasts its very own halo thanks to an abundance of shimmering crystals. 

If you opted for indoor growing, come harvest time – after a flowering period of around nine weeks – expect to be rewarded with a yield of around 600g per m2, slightly less for an outdoor crop.