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Do-Si-Dos x Sunset Sherbert

by The Plug Seedbank

For a tutti-frutti ice cream treat that’ll take your breath away, try Spumoni from the Plug Seedbank – a commendable indica-dominant cookies pheno that’s a cut – make that a scoop – above the rest!

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Spumoni Genetic Profile

Spumoni lineage marks a union of two stellar cannabis companies from either side of the Atlantic. Combining a delicious world-famous Do-Si-Dos cut from Alien Labs with The Plug’s own Sunset Sherbert cut, this fantastic feminised strain picked up the Amsterdam 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup, so fans of award-winning quality can be assured a real treat.

Producing chunky cannabis plants that are chock full of unique aromas, Spumoni feminised seeds are perfect for collectors of rarer Cookies phenotypes but are also easy to grow for beginners. Now available from MGS as female seeds, why not try yourself and see if you’ve got what it takes to grow a world-renowned Cookies cup-winner?

Spumoni Terpene Profile

Spumoni aromas and flavours benefit from the full range of the Girl Scout Cookies family, but also an added dose of OG Kush. Powerful and sweet, with a floral funkiness and pungent diesel notes, the plant has a sweet dessert-like taste when smoked — as one would expect from a plant named after Italian ice cream — but also notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and sour candy.

Spumoni´s primary terpenes include caryophyllene and limonene, but it also boasts concentrations of myrcene. The latter two terps are what account for its skunky, floral fragrances, while caryophyllene is often cited as the route cause of the fuel flavours found in some cannabis strains.

Spumoni Strain Effect

Spumoni effects are predominantly indica-dominant. Thanks to DNA passed down through Face-Off OG – a knockout strain of some renown – it boasts medical-grade physical effects that border on sedating but are elevated by a jolt of cerebral sativa energy and a carefree state of mind. Enjoy a hazy, in-your-face buzz off that melts down through the body and numbs the mind, which is ideal for helping sufferers of chronic stress or sleep disorders cope a little easier.

The Plug hasn’t revealed Spumoni THC content, but it’s likely to fall somewhere in the mid-high range. Some sources suggest a THC level of around 26% for this high-powered plant, meaning novices users should opt for something with a lighter impact. It’s also recommended to avoid using this Do-Si-Dos x Sunset Sherbet hybrid during the day because while it seems sweet and innocent, its sedative knockout can come as an unwelcome surprise.

Spumoni Medical Benefits

Due to its aforementioned sleep-inducing effects, Spumoni medical seeds are particularly useful for patients with circadian disorders. While heavy cannabis consumption isn’t recommended for insomnia, as it can interrupt sleep patterns even further, with moderate use, strains like this Do-Si-Do x Sunset Sherbet cut are great for those who are really struggling to get enough REM sleep on a nightly basis,

Users with chronic stress may also find relief from Spumoni medical benefits. With its rich combination of calming terps and a high THC/low CBD content, its calming influence is ideal for helping the mind to switch off when things get a little overwhelming. Limonene – one of Spumoni’s most dominant terpenes – is particularly is prized for its anxiety-busting qualities, making this a particularly effective strain for reducing stress levels.

How to Grow Spumoni Strain

Although those in temperate climates may find success in growing Spumoni feminised cannabis seeds outdoors, it’s primarily an indoor strain and highly suitable for supercropping techniques like SOG, as well as hydroponic growth.

Exhibiting superb performance and producing big multi-branching indica-typical plants with rich green and purple hues and trichome drenched nuggets, it’s a showstopper and no mistake, but also easy and quick to grow. Although not as simple as an autoflowering plant, these fuss-free seeds are photoperiod, giving growers more control over when to adjust their light cycles.

Spumoni yields are big and bountiful but will benefit from boosting techniques like LST, as well as a high-quality nutrient mix, especially when these methods are implemented early in the growth cycle. Pruning is also recommended to ensure maximum light penetration during the flowering period. Spumoni flowering time is ten weeks from germination, and when it’s time to harvest, make sure to collect all those THC rich sugar leaves as they’re perfect for producing concentrates like bubble hash.