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Lemonade x Watermelon Zkittlez

by The Plug Seedbank

An evenly balanced hybrid from The Puig Seedbank, Melonaid Zkittlez is a top-shelf cannabis cultivar that boasts both exceptional flavours and outstanding THC levels. This Lemonade x Watermelon Zkittlez crossing ensures a truly rewarding growing experience.

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Melonaid Zkittlez Genetic Profile

Melonaid Zkittlez from The Plug Seedbank seed company is a balanced indica/sativa hybrid strain featuring a range of mouth-watering flavours and aromas. Thanks to its Zkittlez DNA genetics, it contains significantly high THC levels and offers a remarkably abundant yield. It’s most certainly one strain to consider for any connoisseur’s wishlist.

Also known as ‘Lemon Tree’, Melonaid Zkittlez are a cross between the esteemed Lemonade (Gorilla Haze x Lemon OG) with Watermelon Zkittlez (Watermelon x Zkittlez). With its parents offering a variety of rockstar attributes, Melonaid Zkittlez are definitely ace seeds for a truly top-shelf experience.

Melonaid Zkittlez Terpene Profile

Parading a wide assortment of flavour notes and pleasurable dankness, Melonaid Zkittlez is predominantly an intricate blend of sweet candy-like fragrances. Its delectable aroma is mainly due to limonene, giving this strain its delicious fruity basis with hints of mango, lemon, and berries.

Melonaid Zkittlez also boasts the presence of caryophyllene which helps to contribute various earthy and woody notes. There’s also a characteristic kush scent with the presence of Myrcene, while smaller amounts of Pinene impart a sweet pine smell. Other minor terpenes contribute to its diverse terpene profile, creating a tantalising aroma that smells as its name suggests.

Melonaid Zkittlez Strain Effects

Taking a multitude of attributes from its predecessors, Melonaid Zkittlez female seeds bloom into a plant that boasts scorchingly THC levels. With an average of 25% packed into its dense buds, it has a comparatively low CBD content of under 1%. This ensures this cannabis strain is a definitive head high, despite an even balance of sativa and indica. It offers a cerebral and euphoric experience that leaves its users feeling relaxed and sedated, as well as stimulating the appetite.

It’s known to have a heavy anchoring effect on the body, complemented by an exhilarating and compelling mind journey. It most definitely has the potential to send its users on a space odyssey. As such, Melonaid Zkittlez is a strain best suited for lazy nights at home rather than for galavanting around town.

Melonaid Zkittlez Medical Benefits

With a blistering amount of THC, Melonaid Zkittlez is an ideal plant for both chronic pains as well as stress relief. Coupled with its extensive terpene profile, this cannabis strain can offer a whole host of advantages and perks to the body. Its dominant terpene, limonene, can help to alleviate aches and muscle discomfort. It also provides benefits to the heart and gastroprotective systems, as well as the neurological network.

Caryophyllene is known to offer potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial advantages. It also is unique in binding to our CB2 receptors to help the nervous system and prevent neurodegenerative diseases. Myrcene offers both antidiabetic and anticancer effects, as well as formidable analgesic properties that assist with pain relief.

How to Grow Melonaid Zkittlez Strain

Melonaid Zkittlez feminised cannabis seeds grow into short and sturdy plants with an opulent palette of colours. They provide richly compact cannabis buds laden with trichomes while offering exceptional resin production. Blooming into exquisite shades of purple and green, Melonaid Zkittlez feminized seeds have a flowering time of around eight to ten weeks.

At home, both indoors and outside, Melonaid Zkittlez produces a generous yield, with its nugs concentrated around the main branch. An Indoor grower can gleefully expect a whopping 500g to 550g per square metre.

An easy plant for beginners to develop great gardener skills with, but also be suitable for more experienced horticulturalists benefiting from using Screen of green (SCROG) or sea of green (SOG) grow methods, Melonaid Zkittlez is a truly rewarding and highly desirable strain.