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Runtz x Runtz (S1)

by The Plug Seedbank

A wonderfully fruity experience, Fruit Drops from the Puig Seedbank is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that offers an excellent and rapid yield while also delivering an emphatic flavour profile.

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Fruit Drops Genetic Profile

Fruit Drops from The Plug Seedbank is an evenly-balanced indica/sativa hybrid strain that’s favoured because its delightfully sweet and fruity flavour profile. . Its genetics are part of the esteemed ‘Cookies’ pheno, with Zkittlez x Gelato #33 first blended to create Runtz, and then Fruit Drops being a back-crossing of Runtz with itself (Runtz S1).

Fruit Drops takes on a variety of characteristics from both its grandparents, offering a candy-like flavour profile and a stylish green and purple complexion. With Barcelona’s famed cannabis club, The Plug BCN, behind this marijuana strain, you can be assured that Fruit Drops seeds are not only of very high quality but there’s also extensive knowledge and experience behind both these and the rest of The Plug BCN’s range of cannabinoids.

Fruit Drops Terpene Profile

Borrowing heavily from its originators, Gelato33 and Zkittles, Fruit Drops has a complex terpene profile that contains the presence of caryophyllene, as well as myrcene and limonene. The combination of these dominant terpenes creates a broad sherbert candy flavour, with fruity notes that include hints of grapefruit and blueberry. It also has some spicy and peppery undertones, as well as a tangy citrus kush taste, thanks to the presence of both the caryophyllene and limonene.

Among the range of other minor terpenes in Fruit Drops, linalool offers additional sweet and floral spice qualities, while humulene adds a mild hops-like aspect to the flavour. Both fenchol and a-terpineol add additional underlayers of pine and herbs, all adding to a complex and pleasantly sweet-tasting bud.

Fruit Drops Strain Effects

Fruit Drops feminized seeds offer an experience that’s said to be relaxed, uplifting, and euphoric. It reportedly allows users to remain relatively chatty and talkative and able to go about the day without much in the way of hazy hold-ups. Its medium to high THC levels average around 17% to 20%, and while it’s not the heaviest hitter, it can lead to more sedating and stationary effects when consumed in higher doses.

Overall, it’s an ideal strain for socialising and being around others and is unlikely to cause paranoia or fuzzy minds. It’s probably best used during the daytime and early evening, but it can also be a good choice for a nightcap before calling it a day.

Fruit Drops Medical Benefits

With a broad range of effects associated with Fruit Drops, it’s easy to see why it’s a fan-favourite among cannabis connoisseurs around the world. It’s reportedly great for helping with ailments such as arthritis and pain relief, and thanks to its calming effects, it’s ideal to use for reducing stress levels, as well as a potential way to combat insomnia with nighttime use.

The terpenes present in Fruit Drops also offer a broad scope of positive advantages. The dominant b-caryophyllene is uniquely able to bind with the human body’s receptors and offers anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities. Limonene has been found to help with coronary health and cholesterol levels, while linalool is packed with essential oils and is known to treat depression and anxiety, as well as being helpful to insomniacs.

How to Grow Fruit Drops Strain

Fruit Drops feminised cannabis seeds inhabit a number of growth properties from the genetics of its forebearers, although has a smaller and lighter structure than its Cookie lineage. It grows into a colourful and exquisite plant with green, orange, and purple hues and offers a dense amount of frosted trichomes, as well as noticeably long calyxes that make it an ideal strain for resin production.

Fruit Drops seeds take between 8 – 9 weeks to reach maturity and can be used with both Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) cultivation methods. Indoor growers can look forward to an average yield of around 450g per square meter, while those growing outdoors can potentially get around 600g per plant if conditions are favourable.

In addition, it’s a relatively easy plant to grow, needing a minimal amount of attentiveness compared to some other strains, making this an ideal choice for both experienced and new horticulturalists alike.