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Wedding Cake x Forbidden Fruit

by The Plug Seedbank

Full of delightful flavours and opulent purple hues, Forbidden Fruit Cake from the Puig Seedbank is a tasty hybrid strain that matures into a truly sturdy plant capable of delivering an exceptional yield.

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Forbidden Fruit Cake Genetic Profile

Forbidden Fruit Cake from The Plug Seedbank is an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a truly tantalising tropical citrus and tart berry flavour. Born from a marriage of two favoured phenos, these sublime cannabis seeds offer a generous yield with medium to high THC levels.

This strain’s genetics are a result of crossing Wedding Cake and Forbidden Fruit, both widely revered strains favoured across the globe. Forbidden Fruit itself is a blend of Tangie x Cherry Pie, while Wedding Cake enjoys some mystery to its origins. Some suggest it’s a Triangle Kush pheno, but it’s generally accepted to be a cross between Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies.

Forbidden Fruit Cake Terpene Profile

Offering a mixture of tropical citrus and cherry blossom flavours, Forbidden Fruit Cake feminised seeds host a variety of additional earthy and kush textures. This marijuana strain is dominated by caryophyllene, which adds mild peppery and spicy layers.

Limonene and linalool are also present, which aids in this wonderful strains` sweet and fruity tropical aromas. Terpinolene has additional layers of herb and wood fragrances and offers a sweet pine-like aftertaste. Floral and musky scents are quite prominent with a sweet tanginess that pleasantly compliments. Several others are included in Forbidden Fruit Cake’s terpene profile, creating an alluring herbal and citrus sherbet concoction for flavour chasers.

Forbidden Fruit Cake Strain Effects

With favourable genetics inherited from its renowned ancestry, Forbidden Fruit Cake provides a fuzzy euphoria and an effective sativa experience. It offers a medium to high THC content, averaging around the 20% mark, along with a marginal amount of CBD. This makes it ideal for seasoned cannabis cognoscenti looking for a potent plant and a compelling experience.

After consuming, users will immediately feel heavy-eyed and relaxed, as the enjoyable feeling it provides quickly develops through the body. Its indica-laden characteristics mean it’s an ideal strain to unwind and unravel with, perfect for seeing out a long and arduous day. It also works effectively as an excellent nightcap before turning in for the night.

Forbidden Fruit Cake Medical Benefits

As it exhibits positive, euphoric tendencies, Forbidden Fruit Cake works well at aiding ailments such as depression and anxiety. A relatively high THC content can also help with stress levels and assist with sleep disorders. Its dominant terpene, caryophyllene, has the nifty ability to bond with our cannabinoid receptors, enhancing the effects. It’s almost as if mother nature had created it for that exact purpose.

Limonene does exceptionally well to help with sore and aching limbs, making it ideal for sporty types and those suffering from muscular injuries. Linalool has known anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, with several studies also confirming the positive effect it has on the central nervous system. Additionally, terpinolene is great for cerebral stimulation while also offering various other benefits, including anti-fungal advantages.

How to Grow Forbidden Fruit Cake Strain

A gratifying cannabis strain to grow as well as consume, Forbidden Fruit Cake feminised seeds will mature into a brawny, medium-sized plant laden with frosty trichomes.

Flowering in around 8 – 9 weeks these female seeds are considered relatively easy to cultivate for both beginners and seasoned growers alike. Forbidden Fruit Cake is also considered a low-maintenance hybrid strain compared to some other exotic hybrids, so is ideal for part-time green fingers.

Once it blossoms, it’s adorned with compact buds in terrific shades of purple and sage green while exuding its captivating kush and skunk fragrances. Indoor gardeners can expect high yields of around 500g per M2 and should consider using carbon filters due to its strong scent. Cultivating it outdoors can potentially yield up to 1000g per plant with favourable conditions, so it’s certainly a prolific producer of exceptional bud.