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Strawbanana x Goji Glue

by T.H. Seeds

For enthusiasts of the Glue strains that have soared in popularity recently; Strawberry Glue is a potent, large yielding, exceptionally flavoursome hybrid reflecting the best traits of both parents. This strain is something special for cannasseurs.

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Strawberry Glue Genetics

T.H. Seeds has crossed a male Strawbanana from Karma Genetics with their female Goji Glue to create this first generation (F1) hybrid. Strawberry Glue has inherited the flavour kick of her father and the potent punch of mother, a truly impressive combo.

Strawberry Glue Terpene Profile

Strawberry Glue’s terpene profile is a unique blend of fruity flavours and heavier chemical notes. Although initially reminiscent of a deliciously cream strawberry jam tart, her Glue side of the family bites through with sour undertones. An intriguing combination of strawberry freshness and a chemical muskiness that lingers on the lips long after exhaling.

Strawberry Glue Effects

As this cannabis strain is a sativa hybrid, the effects will be a mix of a cerebral buzz and relaxing body high. Strawberry Glue is potent yet not overpowering, and users will enjoy the blend of indica and sativa traits. This strains uplifting and focusing effects may be appreciated by those looking for a productive or creative high.

Medical Benefits Strawberry Glue

Strawberry Glue can be useful for helping with a range of problems from alleviating inflammation to pain management. Her high THC levels have been suggested to improve appetite and in some cases reduce nausea. Meanwhile, her uplifting and energizing sativa effects may prove useful for those managing fatigue, stress, or mild depression.

How to Grow Strawberry Glue

An easy-to-grow plant which will flower in a short period of just 8/9 weeks. This strain is a significant producer, so a SCROG setup is well recommended. During the growing phase she can grow quickly and when flowered, will stretch around 150%. This cannabis strain buds are dense, sticky and hard to squeeze: a very impressive yielder that’s an excellent choice for beginner growers who want to grow a sativa leaning hybrid. Strawberry Glue will grow uniformly, with little variation between the plants. Outdoors and in greenhouses, she is very reliable, and in Southern Europe, growers can achieve huge harvests of top-shelf cannabis, in 56-63 days.