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Strawberry Cream x Do-Si-Dos

by T.H. Seeds

A vanilla and chocolate flavour explosion waiting to happen, Stracciatella Do-Si-Dos x Strawbanana Cream (Stracciatella to its friends) is a wonderful sativa-dominant hybrid from TH Seeds, now available as easy to grow feminized seeds.

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Stracciatella Do-Si-Dos X SBC Strain Genetics

As the title gives away, there’s some impressive lineage behind these cannabis seeds, with Do-Si-Dos (OGKB x Face Off OG) and Strawbanana Cream (Strawberry Banana x White OG) playing equal parts in the creation of this creamy masterpiece.

Both parent strains are known for their exceedingly aromatic nature, meaning you’ll smell this strain a mile off and be happy you did! Additionally, the Cali connection in the genetics gives pleasing traits, including an impressively high THC level that is more than capable of surpassing the 22% mark.

Stracciatella Do-Si-Dos X SBC Strain Terpene Profile

While that chocolate and vanilla blend that gives the strain its name is strong in the flavour profile, there’s also that herby, earthy goodness from the range of OG Kush strains in the family tree. That old school scent and flavour, especially on the exhale, is the result of one of the Stracciatella dominant terpenes, myrcene.

Also present amongst the abundant terpenes are the fruity limonene, the spicy yet creamy imprint of caryophyllene, and the floral tones of linalool. This creates that sweet flavour of vanilla cream cake with chocolate sprinkles on the inhale while also maintaining that classic, almost skunk tone on the way out!

Stracciatella Do-Si-Dos X SBC Strain Effects

This pleasing TH Seeds Seed Company hybrid delivers a balanced, pleasant buzz that never gets too much. Good vibes all around here, with a huge dose of positivity that blends gradually into all-out euphoria during the latter stages of the high.

This cannabis strain is relaxing, no doubt, but it’s not sedating. In fact, the subtle nuances of the high means this could be a decent choice of daytime strain for those experienced enough to handle the reduction in speed that comes with the high THC content!

Stracciatella Do-Si-Dos X SBC Strain Medical Benefits

While the Strawbanana Cream side of the genetics takes the lead in terms of taste with this strain, the potential medical benefits are handed down straight from the OG Kush ancestry! The first possible benefit is reducing pain symptoms, thanks to the THC level and the terpenes, especially caryophyllene. This gives Stracciatella medical marijuana potential for those living with chronic pain conditions.

Additionally, while a low CBD strain, this hybrid may provide relief for symptoms of stress and anxiety, thanks to the cannabinoids and terpenes that may work with the body to reduce symptoms of stress-related conditions.

How to Grow Stracciatella Do-Si-Dos X SBC Strain Seeds

While these Stracciatella feminised marijuana seeds (autoflowering seeds not currently available) respond very well to SOG growing methods, even that may not be necessary due to how remarkably easy to grow these cannabis plants are! Within a fast flowering time of 9 weeks from germination, relatively tall plants will have fully formed and be coated in dense, dark, trichome-covered, medium-sized nugs (up to 550g/m2).

SCROG methods are highly advised for outdoor growing, with greenhouse use tending to give the best results. However, if you live in a warm enough climate, you could potentially just plant and sit back, and you are still likely to get an impressive yield from these Stracciatella female seeds around mid-October! Whatever your choices, the aromatic plants will let you know long before they’re ready to go (make sure your grow room is well ventilated!) with a sweet, earthy scent that will get your senses ready for the treat that is to come!