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Birthday Cake x Sour Diesel

by T.H. Seeds

Pucker up for a big ol’ slice of Sour Cake – a sweet ‘n’ sour indica/sativa hybrid from TH Seeds that boasts a double-layered West Coast flavour and all the genetic ingredients needed for a great first-time grow.

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Sour Cake Strain Genetics

The master breeders at the TH Seeds seed bank have cooked up something extra special with this fresh-baked cannabis treat. Sour Cake cannabis seeds lineage blends Birthday Cake – a Bubblegum Kush x Vishnu Kush blend – with the lesser-known Sage’n’Sour. The latter – a mix of TH Seeds’ flagship S.A.G.E haze strain and Sour Diesel – has broadened the former’s vanilla flavours with its fuelly West Coast tang while retaining its frosted appearance and balanced, euphoric effects. 

One of many brand new Birthday Cake crosses to recently emerge from the award-winning Dutch seeds company, with this limited edition TH Seeds cultivar, you can really have your cake and eat it too! Easy to grow, quick to germinate, and big on flavour, though Sour Cake marijuana seeds are yet to be made available as feminized or autoflowering seeds, they’re still a little slice of heaven in seed form.

Sour Cake Strain Terpene Profile

At first, fuel and fresh-baked cookies might seem a strange flavour pairing, but just a little taste of Sour Cake flavour, and you’ll be convinced. Exotic and creamy vanilla scents and the telltale diesel aroma that often comes with strong West Coast genetics give way to a taste that’s sour and sweet with biscuity nuances and a herbal skunk aftertaste.  

TH seeds’ Sour Cake abundant terpenes include caryophyllene and terpinolene, with the former largely responsible for its diesel tang. Terpinolene, on the other hand, has a woody aroma that’s pleasant but difficult to describe and can be found in many herbs like nutmeg and ginger – perfect for adding to this pheno’s cakey flavours.

Sour Cake Strain Effects

As a cannabis hybrid with both indica and sativa genetics, Sour Cake effects are balanced, long-lasting and great for sharing with friends or enjoying alone. Savour its stimulating euphoric effects because these eventually give way to feelings of indulgent physical relaxation, which can leave even the most seasoned users in a warm psychedelic stupor.

TH Seeds pride themselves on producing cannabis strains with high THC contents. Birthday Cake boasts a THC level in the low twenties, while Sage ‘N’ Sour has an average of 17% with a low CBD and CBG content. This gives us a good idea of Sour Cake THC level, which has yet to be lab-tested, but it’s a given that low-tolerance users should keep their portions small when it comes to this decadent Birthday Cake x S.A.G.E. cross.

Sour Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Sour Cake medical seeds aren’t only a treat for the senses; they can also be used to treat a variety of health conditions. Terpinolene-rich strains like this are rare and highly prized by the popular in the scientific community for their antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. They’re also known to help with sleeping problems and may aid patients with insomnia to rest easier and relax.

Before this strain’s sedative effects kick in, users may notice a surge in their energy levels and their mind awakened by a sense of strong cerebral stimulation. As such, Sour Cake medical benefits also include reducing feelings of fatigue, especially in patients with chronic conditions. Tiredness of the mind or the body can be a killer, but adding an uplifting slice of Sour Cake to your plate may offer a minor – if only temporary – boost.

How to Grow Sour Cake Strain

It takes a little bit more than a hot oven to bake this Sour Cake, but with a little research and the right environment, any grower will be able to obtain professional results from these regular cannabis seeds. Expect consistent, conical-shaped plants with flexible and strong branches and though Sour Cake yields are a little lower than average – around 350-450g per m2 inside a grow tent – by applying optimisation techniques such as LST, topping and SCROG, growers can encourage a more shrubby growth structure and significantly increase its performance.

Sour Cake flowering time is nine-ten weeks from germination, and once in full bloom, growers will notice a thick layer of dank trichomes beginning to form, giving the plant a glorious frosted appearance. This heavy sugar production, paired with the pheno’s pleasing flavour profile and cannabinoid content, makes it ideal for experimenting with resin extractions, especially Live Resin or Rosin. Performing equally well inside or out, growing Sour Cake cannabis seeds from scratch is a satisfying process from start to finish, so isn’t it about time to get cooking?