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SAGE x East Coast Sour Diesel

by T.H. Seeds

Sage ‘N Sour is an absolute must for cannaisseurs looking for the best of the best. The intense flavors from the East Coast Sour Diesel, combined with the yields of S.A.G.E give this lady true pedigree status. Not for light-hearted smokers, the cerebral high can be intense.

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Sage ‘N Sour Genetics

The breeders at T.H Seeds have crossed the famous East Coast Sour Diesel with their prized S.A.G.E mother. Combine the pungent American East Coast Sour Diesel with the award-winning S.A.G.E and the result is a hybrid that brings together flavor, production, terpenes, and potency into one complete package.

Sage ‘N Sour Effects

The effects of Sage ’N Sour provides an instant cerebral kick that quickly overshadows any accompanying soft body-sensations. After a full joint of this sativa dominant, you’re likely to feel motivated and productive. This strain has a very creative and super focused effect, making it an excellent choice for anyone who likes to power through their day. Sage ’N Sour is recommended for high energy tasks, being active and mobile, and staying sharp and alert. However, due to the intense high, smokers with a low tolerance may experience bouts of anxiety. If you’re prone to feeling anxious, we suggest trying a less intense, indica strain.

Sage ‘N Sour Terpene Profile

Sage ’N Sour has an intensely pungent, musky, diesel and citrus aroma. Its flavor is equally powerful with an enjoyable depth of sour citrus and earthier overtones.  Meanwhile, powerful diesel notes breakthrough on the exhale, leaving a lingering aftertaste.

Medical Benefits Sage ‘N Sour

Sage ’N Sour is a sativa-dominant strain so is likely help to boost your energy levels. This can be favorable for people struggling with motivation or general fatigue. Her strong citrus aroma suggests this strain is high in Limonene – a terpene that is being widely researched for its therapeutic benefits including for reducing nausea and alleviating arthritis. Additionally, Sage ’N Sour’s sativa genetics and relatively high THC level of 18% indicates this strain may also help improve appetite and provide relief for those suffering from headaches and migraines.

How to Grow Sage ‘N Sour

Sage ‘N Sour sativa dominance means it will be typically tall, with multi side-branches and wide spreading, thin-bladed fan leaves. When in the vegetative stage, it is advised to SCROG this strain. This way you can achieve a large harvest of large-sized, dense buds in approximately nine weeks. This strain is better suited for experienced sativa-growers.