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by T.H. Seeds

For fans of that extra special haze flavour but with health needs that need addressing, S.A.G.E. CBD is a medical makeover of TH Seeds flagship strain that boasts a potent 1:1 THC/CBD ratio and brings all the delicious spicy sandalwood notes of its parent plant but with a potent curative kick.

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S.A.G.E. CBD Genetics

S.A.G.E. CBD marijuana seeds are a medically supercharged version of one of the TH Seeds seedbanks bestselling home breeds. The original S.A.G.E. (aka Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium) is an award-winning indica/haze cross that’s best known for its pungent, spicy flavour and uplifting sativa-leaning effects. This AAA cultivar has been blended with a specially selected pure CBD cultivar to maximise its curative qualities. 

Due to S.A.G.E. CBD lineage, which includes a wonderfully balanced mix of indica and sativa strains, this strain features a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio, offering consumers a variety of enjoyable psychoactive effects along with the healing help. It’s also a voracious grower, a big resin producer, and while it requires a little more attention than your standard cannabis hybrid, with these CBD feminized seeds from MGS, it’s so easy to grow your own medical marijuana.

S.A.G.E. CBD Strain Terpene Profile

S.A.G.E. CBD aroma and flavour retains every bit of the exotic quality that made its parent plant a superstar. One in full flower, these plants exude a savoury sandalwood smell, with exotic spices, garlic, and bay leaf accents coming through when combusted. The subtle grassy sweetness of a Dutch Haze strain lingers on the aftertaste as a reminder of the pheno’s lineage, along with echos of peppery hashish, skunk, and pine.

S.A.G.E. CBD dominant terpenes mirror its parent’s to the letter. This strain is especially high in terpinolene – one of the rarer cannabis terpenes, which has an almost indescribable aroma profile that’s been compared to pine needles and many other forest scents. Weed grown from S.A.G.E. CBD cannabis seeds also rich in caryophyllene and myrcene adding up to one heck of a spicy, occasionally fruity flavour. 

S.A.G.E. Strain Effects

This therapeutic pheno may have been designed for medical use, but it still features a decent psychoactive kick. As a sativa-leaning cannabis strain, S.A.G.E. CBD effects kick in almost immediately with a potent cerebral rush that quickly eases into a clear-headed, relaxing high that’s ideal for daytime enjoyment by consumers old and new. These eye-opening effects soon evolve into a relaxing physical experience, but nothing too intense as to negate the strain’s overall uplifting buzz.

S.A.G.E. CBD THC level isn’t nearly as high as your average cannabis hybrid, but it still boasts a welcoming 1:1 balance. Expect a THC content of around 9% and a CBD level around similar levels, making this strain suitable for even low THC tolerance users. Bringing the best of both worlds, a high CBD level can be utilised to treat a variety of health conditions while ensuring enough THC to meet the demands of recreational consumers.

S.A.G.E. CBD Strain Medical Benefits

S.A.G.E. CBD medical benefits are incredibly wide-ranging. CBD-rich strains like this are often used to temper more serious medical conditions like epilepsy, seizures, and glaucoma, but with the added benefit of THC, this pheno can also offer a powerful energy boost that’s great for combating both mental and physical fatigue.

Terpinolene also has a mild sedative effect which, while unlikely to put you to sleep, can help reduce anxiety as the mind and body simultaneously calm. Patients who are especially susceptible to stress may find S.A.G.E. CBD medical cannabis particularly beneficial.

How to Grow S.A.G.E. CBD Strain

There are a few things to know when growing S.A.G.E CBD marijuana seeds. TH Seeds recommend a vegetative stage of only three weeks to make the most of its voracious growth and regular cropping to promote stretch. S.A.G.E. CBD flowering time is around eight-nine weeks from germination, and although she’ll thrive well in any medium, we recommend going the organic outdoor growth route to get the best results from this medicinal plant. If grown indoors, topping or SCROG techniques are advised to keep its height in check. 

S.A.G.E. CBD yields have tremendous potential and while indoor growers can expect around 450-500g per m2, outdoors, up to 1kg per plant is possible. Producing dense and resinous flowers that make for excellent extractions, these feminized seeds are perfect for bulking out your medicine cabinet and letting the natural healing begin.