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Purple Tangie x French Cookies

by T.H. Seeds

A sweet and fruity creation from Dutch seed bank favourites TH Seeds, Orangesicle is a sativa-leaning hybrid marijuana strain with a diving flavour profile. A large yielding, high THC level beauty, these feminized seeds are a must for any true strain hunter’s garden.

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Orangesicle Strain Genetics

The intriguing genetics of these Orangesicle cannabis seeds blend the citrus-heavy goodness of the High Times Cannabis Cup winning Purple Tangie (Tangie x unknown Purple strain) and the sweet and crumbly wonder of French Cookies (a Platinum Cookies pheno).

That combination gives the sweet, orange popsicle flavour that gives this strain its name, as well as the fast flowering time, user-friendly growing traits, and a potent THC content (around 20%) that is passed down from the French Cookies side of the family tree.

Orangesicle Strain Terpene Profile

The terpenes present in this magnificent sativa/indica hybrid are responsible for the moreish and nuanced flavours and aromas that create a feast of excitement for the senses. The dominant taste here is that of citrus fruit, bringing the orange to that orange candy overtone. This is the result of one of the Orangesicle dominant terpenes, limonene.

After the exhale, you will realise that the most notable scent is not fruity but herbal, reminiscent of the OG Kush strains that exist deep in the lineage, and you can thank another abundant terp for that, myrcene. Finishing up the dominant terpene triad is caryophyllene, one of the main terps found in GSC and a rich, peppery, yet sweet treat that adds the popsicle side of the name to the situation.

Orangesicle Strain Effects

The heritage of this cannabis strain is full of the Cali connection of Kush and Skunk, and the effects created are tantamount to a love letter to those genetics. Expect an uplifting, cerebral, near-euphoric buzz to be fast-acting and long-lasting from this Purple Tangie x French Cookies mix.

An excellent choice of evening strain, and even a fine option for the daytime for the veteran who can deal with the higher than average THC level, rest assured this is a buzz that will put a smile on your face and stick it there for a long time! Focus and creativity can be expected, too, the perfect high for the artists out there looking for some assistance in conjuring up the necessary inspiration for your next masterpiece!

Orangesicle Strain Medical Benefits

Orangesicle’s parent strain, Purple Tangie, landed 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2016 for Best Medical Sativa Concentrate, and those medicinal marijuana traits are said to have been handed down to its child.

The positive sensations created by the high from this potential medical cannabis may result in alleviation for the symptoms of depression due to the combination of high THC and a rich terpene profile. That blend of cannabinoids and terps may also aid in reducing fatigue, including in those with chronic fatigue issues. An uplifting strain like this may aid in reducing feelings of tiredness and help promote focus and energy.

How to Grow Orangesicle Strain Seeds

These T.H. Seeds Orangesicle female seeds (autoflowering and regular seeds not currently available) grow beautifully indoors, with a flowering time of 8 weeks from germination in some cases. The flowers grow dense and compact, as do the plants, so not much space is needed here. Be aware that the buds are rich in resin and terpenes, which is great, but also does necessitate a carbon filter to keep the potent, pungent scents under control!

Outdoor growers may not find things as easy as these feminised seeds grow at their best in arid climates. However, as long as it’s relatively warm where you are, a greenhouse can go a long way in helping there! When harvest time comes in late September (usually), the scents created by the deep coat of crystal trichomes are likely to fill that greenhouse, letting you know these relatively small-looking yet absurdly high yielding green and purple buds are ready to go!