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MK Ultra x Birthday Cake

by T.H. Seeds

Sweet, earthy, and loaded with sticky resin, the cannabis seed bank wizards at TH Seeds have created MK Ultra Cake, a limited edition, terpene-rich hybrid marriage of Birthday Cake x MK-Ultra with significant indica effects. Featuring a complex aroma profile and a deep cerebral potency, this cannabis strain is a heavy-hitting delight.  

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MK Ultra Cake Strain Genetics 

TH Seeds MK Ultra Cake marijuana seeds are the luscious spawn of the world-famous, high-quality MK Ultra and Birthday Cake strains. The MK Ultra line is acclaimed for its monstrous intensity and potent medicinal effects so reminiscent of its namesake. Expect indica strength and the formidable heady impact of an impressive lineage that features G-13 and OG Kush.  

The MK Ultra Cake Lineage also flaunts Birthday Cake, boasting genetics as delicious as their names — Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. This juicy parentage contributes to the sweet aromatics and full-body relaxation so prevalently abundant in the MK Ultra Cake marijuana strain.

MK Ultra Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Terpenes are rich and abundant in each harvest of these cannabis seeds. MK Ultra Cake aroma and flavours start with the resin-caked buds heavy in sweet, earthy kush fragrances. Inhalation of the warmed vapours reveals spice and flowers, followed by deep, earthy exhalation. 

These scintillating aromas are borne of MK Ultra Cakes dominant terpene strength, led by the sticky, dank earth and herbal fruit of myrcene that provides deep body relaxation and potent medical effects. Humulene drips with herbal spice and slightly woody earth, and alongside the sweet and funky dankness of Caryophyllene, delivers pain relief and relaxation.

MK Ultra Cake Strain Effects 

TH Seeds MK Ultra Cake cannabis seeds grow into a powerful strain, showcasing the body and mind heaviness of its indica-dominant heritage. Between the potential for massive THC content and its heavy-handed terpenes, expect a pleasant weight to settle over your body as you sink into comfort. 

Due to its hefty effects and absence of sativa stimulation, MK Ultra Cake is best used at the end of the day, as it’s great for freeing the mind and healing the body after a long and tiresome schedule.

MK Ultra Cake Strain Medical Benefits

As an indica-dominant hybrid, MK Ultra Cake medical seeds create yields with impressive medical benefits, despite almost non-existent CBD levels. In addition to the range of benefits provided by higher cannabinoid contents (like THC), including sleep assistance and pain relief, this strain showcases mental and physical calmness, with relaxation settling over the entire body. 

Rich terpene levels and THC potency calms depressive thoughts and relaxes muscles throughout the body, and the sedating effects of Myrcene are wonderful for sleep and comfort, ideally suited to the impressive spread of MK Ultra Cake medical benefits.

How to Grow MK Ultra Cake Strain 

Growing TH Seeds MK Ultra Cake regular cannabis seeds is a straightforward process for growers with some experience handling regular seeds. MK Ultra Cake yields are impressive, averaging up to 450g per m2 in an optimum setup. Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growth is possible, but these seeds aren’t feminized, so be sure to prune the pollen sacs to ensure production. MK Ultra Cake flowering time is a speedy 8-9 weeks after germination, so indoor setups can expect multiple harvests a year.

MK Ultra Cake regular seeds will grow into plants of shimmering, glassy green. Once flowers begin to form, look for buds to glisten as resin production kicks into gear. Orange trichomes are dense and numerous, leading to exciting concentrate potential for interested growers and a beautiful product for all to enjoy.