Buy Mendocino Madness strain seeds

Madness x Kwiksilver

by T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds introduced this hybrid strain to provide growers with an outdoor strain. Mendocino Madness is naturally resistant to most diseases and pests that affect cannabis and therefore she’s a great option for a beginner to grow. She provides a relaxing but energetic boost of creativity that will help stimulate conversation or even something more…  

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Mendocino Madness Strain Genetics

T.H. Seeds crossed Madness with Kwiksilver to produce this fast flowering, high yielding strain. Mendocino Madness’ genetics are split evenly in the middle, and she displays both sativa and indica characteristics.

Mendocino Madness Strain Terpene Profile

Mendocino Madness tastes like she smells, earthy and nutty. If you’re a Nutella lover, you’ll definitely enjoy the hazelnut and chestnut flavours of this strain. She tastes more like an indica in her flavour profile so indica lovers will adore Mendocino Madness.

Mendocino Madness Strain Effects

She is the perfect strain for a romantic night in with your significant other. Mendocino Madness stimulates conversation and gives you an energy burst, something you’ll need after lots of pizza on the couch. 

Medical Benefits Mendocino Madness Strain

The positive effects of Mendocino Madness may also translate well in treating certain ailments. Those that suffer from social anxiety and extreme shyness may feel more relaxed
and talkative after smoking this strain.

If you suffer from fatigue,  Mendocino Madness could help give you the motivation you need with her creative and energetic properties.

How to Grow Mendocino Madness Strain

Available in regular seeds form, T.H. Seeds created another excellent, pest-resistant strain with Mendocino Madness. They recommend growing her outdoors because of her bug resistance, and other growth factors that make her naturally adapted for outdoor growing.

Due to this fact, she’s recommended mainly for experienced growers. In around seven weeks you’ll have an excellent yield and tall, light green plants. Her buds are extremely dense and sticky with frosty crystals covering them all over.