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Afghani x Watermelon

by T.H. Seeds

Producing dense, resin-rich buds of frosted jade, TH Seeds Melon Vader feminized seeds are a three-way breeding of Watermelon x OG EL x Pure Afghani, born from another collab with Massive Creations and producing a balanced hybrid that features indica-dominant effects from its impressive parentage.

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Melon Vader Strain Genetics 

Melon Vader from TH Seeds — one of the world’s oldest seed companies and known for creating the famous MK-Ultra strain — hails from a genetic line of THC richness and award-winning potency. 

Its lineage features indica-heavy super strains Watermelon and Pure Afghan, which contribute to substantial yields and speedy flowering times in addition to their powerful relaxing effects. Melon Vader’s lineage also includes the THC-packed OG Eddy Lepp, furthering Melon Vader’s high THC levels and calming capabilities.  

Melon Vader Strain Terpene Profile

A hearty terpene profile boasts Melon Vader’s pungent aromas alongside powerful sedative and calming effects, and its THC strength delivers an intense, body experience. With prevalent aromas of tropical fruit, spicy earth, and pungent hashish, Melon Vader terpenes are dominated by Myrcene, with a minor contribution from fruity limonene to round out the sweetness. 

As the most recent collab between these two seed banks, TH Seeds and Massive Creations’ Melon Vader’s weed aroma is dank and complex with each breath. Featuring the namesake watermelon on each inhale, you’ll soon be surrounded by thick clouds of sweet, fruity grape and that spicy twang of pure hash reminiscent of the sweetest kush. 

Melon Vader Strain Effects 

TH Seeds Melon Vader cannabis seeds are potent with indica characteristics with almost no sativa characteristics, despite the strain’s slight sativa leaning. Featuring a relaxing, full-body high and an overall calm experience thanks to Myrcene’s sedative power, Melon Vader is a great evening strain, perfect for relaxing after a busy day. 

Melon Vader THC levels push 19%, delivering heavy-handed strength that might catch new users off guard and glue them to the couch. But, if you surround yourself with plenty of liquids, healthy snacks, and a comfortable ambience, each experience will be pure relaxation. 

Melon Vader Strain Medical Benefits

Growers enjoy Melon Vader medical cannabis seeds for their medical potency and strength of effects, especially an uplifting but tranquil calm in both mind and body. Expect burdensome thoughts to melt away beneath the THC strength, while its terpene profile provides a soothing experience.   

With its potent myrcene content, indica-rich heritage, and looming THC levels, Melon Vader cannabis seeds medical benefits fall within the realm of peace and relief, and users can expect full-body pain relief alongside a comfortable sleep aid. 

How to Grow Melon Vader Strain Seeds

Growing Melon Vader’s feminised cannabis seeds is a direct and hands-on growing experience. These plants can grow well both indoors and outdoors, capable of reaching heights up to 160cm. Indoor growers should note: these seeds are not autoflowering, so plan your photoperiods appropriately. 

Melon Vader seeds benefit from SCROG cultivation with prudent lower branch pruning and stalk-topping to ensure outward growth and plenty of exposure to light. TH Seeds Melon Vader feminised seeds yield a hefty 500 grams per plant, with a hasty flowering time of 8-9 weeks. CBD levels will be negligible, but growers should expect a potent THC content from these sweet seeds.