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by T.H. Seeds

The Mother Of Berries or M.O.B. is here in the form of a full-blooded indica-dominant strain with a THC count pushing 20%. For those who want short flowering times, knock out potency, Sea of Green friendly plants and an exceptionally unique flavour profile, M.O.B is for you. 

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M.O.B Strain Genetics

Brought to Amsterdam from Boston, Maine, on the East Coast of America by T.H Seeds, Mother Of Berries is an East Coast legend, which is now available to everyone. T.H Seeds has recreated this strain from Blueberry genetics and vouches it is the same lineage that was made famous back on the East Coast.

M.O.B Strain Terpene Profile

M.O.B has a unique flavour and aroma; cherry, blackberry, and sweet tropical fruits with earthy overtones. When vaping M.O.B., her taste has a much sweeter, creamy berry edge, which leaves a very pleasant and balm-like coating on the lips.

Unbelievable lip-licking flavours, this lady lives up to her name – the Mother Of Berries.

M.O.B Strain Effects

M.O.B is a potent Indica-dominant strain best suited for experienced smokers who can handle a mind-numbing high. With THC levels hitting 20%, a powerful and rapid effect ensures you’ll want to sit down and settle in as a heavy sense of relaxation engulfs the body.

Once her potent effects have set in, you’re likely to find yourself couch-locked and in a world of your own. As such, M.O.B’s hard-hitting effects are best suited for the evening or a lazy rainy day.

Medical Benefits M.O.B Strain

As a full-blooded indica-dominant strain, M.O.B effects can be very therapeutic. Typically, indica hybrids are known to help relax the body, helping to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.

Ongoing research also suggests that M.O.B’s moderate CBD level combined with her high THC may also help relieve joint pain. Meanwhile, her sedative effects may also help those struggling with insomnia.

How to Grow M.O.B Strain

Typical of an indica-dominant strain, M.O.B grows short and stout. A perfect strain for Sea of Green, as she grows short and discreetly. During the vegetative stage, M.O.B grows small with broad, thick fan leaves.

When flowering she grows smaller lower side-branches, focusing on one main central cola that is ready to harvest in 6-8 weeks, depending on which phenotype. Thanks to her short flowering time, M.O.B is ideally suited for growers with shorter summers or in colder climates. As such, this easy to grow strain is perfect for beginners.