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Jamaican Haze x Jamaican Purple x Super Afghan

by T.H. Seeds

From TH Seeds, Lambo is a sativa-dominant strain that induces a feeling of pure euphoria. Bred specifically to grow well in an outdoor environment, this cross of Jamaican Haze, Jamaican Purple and Super Afghan, is favoured for its high yield and short flowering period.

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Lambo Strain Genetics

T.H. Seeds created Lambo from excellent Jamaican and Afghani genetics. Her breakdown is Jamaican Haze X Jamaican Purple X Super Afghan, producing a sativa-dominant hybrid favoured by even the fussiest of strain hunters.

However, she often shows qualities of both varieties. Lambo has an impressive genetic parentage that helps her to withstand moulds and pests.

Lambo Strain Terpene Profile

Lambo has a very complex terpene profile which is manifested in it´s deep and intriguing flavour and scent. When you inhale, you’ll detect vanilla and Amaretto, very creamy and smooth. When you exhale, her taste is more like a metallic lime, slightly similar to ammonia. Lambo’s aroma is very tropical and sweet, a sure-fire sign to the presence of citrusy limonene.

Lambo Strain Effects

Deep, cerebral effects are experienced when consuming this intense sativa-dominant hybrid that, when it wears off, will turn into sleepiness and hunger. Euphoric thoughts will fill your head and you’ll be left wondering why you took so long to try Lambo’s magic.

Lambo Strain Medical Benefits

Due to Lambo’s hybrid genetics, she has a strong analgesic effect that could help users that struggle with chronic pain. As a particularly potent, high in THC strain, she could deliver true pain relief.  This makes Lambo an excellent choice for individuals with headaches to try because of the strong head- high she delivers.

How to Grow Lambo Strain 

Available as regular seeds, Lambo is known as a ‘gorilla grower’ because of her excellent resistance to moulds, pests, and other diseases plants are susceptible to. She flowers in under two months and delivers an excellent yield for a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Lambo can be grown outdoors and may even prefer this growing environment due to her tropical heritage. Her buds will turn out compact with long orange hairs and lots of tasty crystals.