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SAGE x Skunk

by T.H. Seeds

A multiple Cup-winning strain that delivers substantial yields – if you were a fan of S.A.G.E, then we highly recommend this strain. La S.A.G.E is a seriously excellent choice for those who want the ultimate all-around high. She has consistently finished in the top 3 of all of the cups she has ever entered. Large yields and Cup-winning calibre make La S.A.G.E a strain you don’t want to miss.

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LA S.A.G.E Strain Genetics

The breeders at T.H Seeds crossed a female S.A.G.E with one of the very best Skunk male strains from breeder Sam Skunkman (famous for his extensive work on the Skunk-line genetics).

Skunk is known for being a highly resilient, short flowering strain, which has an unbelievably pungent aroma. Once combined with the award-winning S.A.G.E, the result is an F1 sativa dominant hybrid.

LA S.A.G.E Strain Terpene Profile

La S.A.G.E has a musky, piquant fragrance with a woody and balsamic edge, a sure-fire indication to the presence of myrcene. Hints of limonene and caryophyllene are evidenced with spicy, herbal and peppery notes and lighter hints of citrus. Perfect for cannasseurs who enjoy strains with an earthy depth coupled with a delightful hint of citrus fruit.

LA S.A.G.E Strain Effects

La S.A.G.E is a sativa leaning hybrid strain that is generally known for her energetic and focused high. However, the indica in her genetics still leaves some room for a light, body-stoned feeling. Combined, users can experience a blissful balance of energy, focus, and relaxation.

Be aware of her high THC though; inexperienced users may find La S.A.G.E’s soaring cerebral side a little overwhelming. For those who can handle it, this strain is an excellent aid for working through to-do-lists, reading your favourite book or being creative.

LA S.A.G.E Strain Medical Benefits

La S.A.G.E is sativa-dominant in her effects, meaning she may increase energy levels and motivation, something which may be appreciated by those struggling with fatigue.

Ongoing research also suggests her sativa dominance and high THC content of 20% indicated that this strain could be a great appetite stimulant and may also help reduce glaucoma. 

How to Grow LA S.A.G.E Strain

A fast-growing strain sativa-dominant hybrid. In the vegetative stage, La S.A.G.E feminised seeds will grow with thin leaves, with many thinner, lower side branches. She is excellent for SCROG and one of the most user-friendly strains out there.

When flowering, La S.A.G.E will grow medium-tall and stretch around 200% of her original height. This lady flowers in 8-9 weeks, which is quite short, considering her sativa dominance.

Her buds are thick, dense and frosted in trichomes. When growing outdoors, she performs very well and is well-suited for shorter summers.