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Birthday Cake x Zkittlez

by T.H. Seeds

Better tasting than red velvet and prettier than a piece of Victoria sponge, L4YER Cake is a four-layer cannabis fusion from TH Seeds that will soon have you swapping your chef whites for gardening gloves.

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L4YER Cake Genetics

L4YER Cake marijuana seeds may be just one of many Birthday Cake hybrids to come out of the TH Seeds seedbank’s recent breeding batch, but this particular indica/sativa pheno really takes the cake. A genetic mix that combines two parts Birthday Cake with Zkittlez for added sweetness and a dash of Strawnana DNA to boost its fruity flavours to the max, L4YER Cake lineage is loaded with terpenic potential and plenty of psychoactive power as an added bonus.

Topping off its tremendous taste and sensory profile, this tantalising cultivar is also easy to grow, thrives in most environments with little supervision, and blooms in pretty pink tones that match its candy flavours, making it a must-have for growers with an eye for visual quality. Excelling in the flavour department while doubling down on its parent’s punchy impact, this delectable dessert strain is now available as regular photoperiod seeds from MGS.

L4YER Cake Strain Terpene Profile

L4YER Cake flavour and aroma takes the creamy biscuit flavours of Birthday Cake and kicks them up to a higher level of sensory pleasure. An earthy, old school OG Kush funk combines with the sweet strawberry, blackcurrant, and citrus notes of Zkittlez, which are brought even more into focus by subtle vanilla tones and Cookies flavours. A rich honeyed banana undertone acts as a reminder of the strain’s third parental figure, while herbal notes on the aftertaste give it a strong skunky finish.

This bake sale special gets its four-layer flavour from a mix of pungent chemical compounds called terpenes. L4YER Cake dominant terpenes include limonene, alpha-pinene, and caryophyllene and these chemicals possess a variety of additional properties beyond their aromatic influence. For example, caryophyllene can help improve cold tolerance in low ambient temperatures and wild giant pandas are known to roll in horse manure, which contains high levels of the chemical, in order to help themselves stay warm.

L4yerCake Strain Effects

Just like its flavour, L4YER Cake effects are incredibly indulgent but also balanced, providing a well-rounded psychoactive experience that’s strong and satisfying for both body and mind. Immediately following your first taste, expect a burst of euphoria and a stimulation sensation so strong that it can lead to a higher level of sensory perception. These free-flowing ideas will soon fade as your experience evolves into a more relaxing stage and a state of mental and physical repose, with good feelings remaining right until the strain’s effects run their course.  

L4YER Cake THC level hasn’t been tested but anecdotal evidence suggests it’s THC dominant and unsuitable for low-tolerance users. Its parents feature low CBD levels and THC levels that range from 19-21%, which should give you an idea of the strength that’s hiding behind its sweetness. Best save this last course hybrid for after your evening meal to avoid slipping into a cannabis-induced sugar coma.

L4yer Cake Strain Medical Benefits

As their name suggests, L4YER Cake medical seeds are multifaceted. In addition to the strain’s superior taste, appearance, and recreational effects, it’s also useful for treating several health disorders. Patients with ADHD or those who have difficulty maintaining focus may find its stimulating effects can help with concentration and these are generally believed to be influenced by alpha-pinene terpenes.

Caryophyllene is famed for different properties. This bicyclic sesquiterpene has a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, as do many cannabinoids like THC. When working together, these chemicals make an effective pain-killing team. As such, L4YER Cake medical benefits also include treating physical injuries, sprains, and treating chronic pain disorders.

How to Grow L4YER Cake Strain

There is no hidden secret to growing L4YER Cake regular cannabis seeds. Just like home baking, anyone with a simple greenhouse setup and a watchful eye can get great results from these AAA genetic ingredients. Suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, these plants don’t take long to reach perfection as L4YER Cake flowering time is nine short weeks from germination. During the end of this period, growers may notice pretty pink tones appearing in the plant’s dense and fleshy buds, contrasted with a thick coating of frosty white trichomes, giving it enormous bag appeal when cut and cured. 

Reaching up to 130cm in height and forming a tiered, conical shape with strong branches, Layer Cake indoor yield averages between 450-500g per m2, and these numbers can be increased even further by introducing easy and low-impact defoliation techniques like lollipopping. Makers of cannabis concentrates can also embrace their decadent side with this strain, as all that sticky terp-rich icing mentioned earlier is just begging for extraction.