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Gelato 33 x French Cookies

by T.H. Seeds

Though it may not win any Michelin Stars, French Macaron is a fantastic Cookies creation from the folks at TH Seeds that has already picked up a cannabis cup for its stunning colours, sensational flavours, and stress-relieving psychoactive hit.

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French Macaron Strain Genetics

French Macaron lineage is a fusion of two delectable Cookies strains; one a classic and the other a little rarer, but no less renowned. In creating this new recipe, TH Seeds seedbank have blended Gelato 33 and French Cookies – a rare sativa phenotype of Platinum Cookies – and the end result is a potent indica dominant cultivar with punchy purple colours and a creamy dessert taste that’s just like the eponymous confection. 

Until recently, this gourmet treat’s only appearance was at the 2017 Expo Grow in Irún, where it immediately won first place in the Indica category. Now available as feminized seeds from MGS, fans can finally savour the flavour of this next level crystal covered Cookies powerhouse at home by growing their own with French Macaron seeds.

French Macaron Strain Terpene Profile

As its name suggests, French Macron taste is a lot like a moreish meringue treat. Alluring smells of kush, musk, and diesel is accompanied by flavours of heavy cream and candy sweetness that give this strain a profile that’s quite unlike any other, making it an absolute must-have for flavour hunters around the world.

French Macaron dominant terpene is myrcene, but this pheno features a rich concoction of other aromatic compounds like limonene and caryophyllene. Cannabis strains with candy aromas may also owe their uniquely sweet scents in part to a lesser-known chemical called geraniol. This monoterpenoid, which is commonly found in geraniums, has also shown anti-inflammatory effects.

French Macaron Strain Effects

French Macaron effects are incredibly indulgent and of an indica-typical quality. Users can look forward to a deep, fast-acting high that unravels in waves of heavy relaxation, killing pain and stress and putting the mind entirely at ease. Hunger and feelings of happiness are also to be expected before drowsiness kicks in, so we recommend saving this Gelato 33 x French Cookies strain as an after-dinner treat.

French Macaron THC levels have been described as medium strength, but any user will attest that this is definitely a THC-dominant strain. While we don’t have any specifics, its parents THC levels range between 19 and 22%, so low-tolerance users should consume with caution to avoid succumbing to its sedative effects.

French Macaron Strain Medical Benefits

French Macaron medical benefits are mostly physical in nature, as is often the case with indica-dominant strains. Providing great anti-inflammatory action on account of its specific terpene content, it’s an excellent choice for healing from injury and even for treating chronic problems like gastroenteritis.

This high THC, low CBD strain’s stress-relieving qualities aren’t completely limited to the body either. Its relaxing effect on the central nervous system can help lessen anxiety and mental stress. For marijuana patients with nervous conditions, French Macaron medical seeds are definitely a decent option to consider.

How to Grow French Macaron Strain

French Macaron flowering time is nine weeks from germination, and during the later stages of its growth, its flowers will develop rich bubblegum colours with bright orange calyxes bursting through. A shop-stopper and no mistake, it makes an eye-catching addition to any greenhouse or outdoor garden. Despite its small stature, with plants reaching around 90–110cm in height, French Macaron yields are impressive, and if properly cultivated, growers can expect about 600g/m² of compact, trichome covered buds come harvest time.

TH Seeds recommend good ventilation and topping to produce the best results when growing French Macaron cannabis seeds, but however you choose to cultivate your marijuana, this feminised photoperiod plant ensures an easy and rewarding experience whether you’re a veteran or newcomer to the scene.