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Girl Scout Cookies

by T.H. Seeds

The many ‘Cookie phenotypes’ have taken the world by storm,  with their sweet flavor, aroma, color, and potency. If you want a unique pheno of Platinum Cookies, then this strain is perfect for you. Dense, purple buds that pack a serious punch, testing in at anywhere between 20-26% THC.

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French Cookies Strain Genetics

Inspired by the Girl Scout Cookies strain, the breeders at T.H. Seeds travelled to California in an effort to find the coveted phenotype and develop their own version of this notorious strain. After germinating a seed found inside flowers of a top-shelf Platinum Cookies, French Cookies was born; a strain expressing the very best of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage.

French Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

As the name suggests, this lady has the cookie dough sweetness of its forefathers. It’s that delectably unique terpene profile that has made the Girl Scout Cookies strain a household name amongst cannaisseurs worldwide. Take a toke and indulge in that sugary zing and notice the delightful grape notes and musky overtones which complement it so well. Combining that typical sweetness with an earthier depth, French Cookies is a tasty treat that lives up to the hype.

French Cookies Strain Effects

French Cookies has a soaring sativa high, which brings on a blissful mix of positivity, creativity, and relaxation. After a few puffs of a well-rolled blunt, you will feel dreamy, joyous and content.

With high THC levels of 20-26%, she is for smokers who prefer cerebral roller coasters and longevity in their head-high. French Cookies is perfect for invigorating and inspiring and in smaller doses can be enjoyed while going about daily tasks. 

Medical Benefits French Cookies Strain

This strain is high in THC, which has been suggested to increase energy levels and motivation; effects which may be appreciated by those struggling fatigue or symptoms of depression. French Cookies may also provide some relief for people experiencing nausea or vomiting, common side-effects from treatments such as chemotherapy. Meanwhile, her appetite-stimulating effects may also prove beneficial to patients struggling with a lack of hunger.

How to Grow French Cookies Strain

French Cookies will grow to a medium height and will produce a good-sized yield. It is advised to grow her for a more extended period during the vegetative stage to improve her yield even further.

She will typically grow with thin side branches, and when flowering, will only stretch around 150%. French Cookies works well in a Sea of Green setup and will flower in 10 weeks. A 60/40 sativa-dominant strain which is excellent for beginner to expert growers.