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Purple Kush x Mazar I Sharif

by T.H. Seeds

Darkstar Kush by T.H Seeds is known for its fast-hitting and powerfully strong effects. A robust strain well suited to less experienced growers.

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Darkstar Kush Strain Genetics

Darkstar Kush is an indica-dominant blend of Purple Kush x Mazar I-Sharif – carefully selected strains that ensure that this is the very best of Afghani genetics.

Darkstar Kush Strain Effects

Unlike its aroma, Darkstar Kush’s effects are anything but subtle. It has a fast-hitting and powerful high. Taking over the body, a deep heaviness quickly pulls the body and mind close to slumber. The muscle-relaxing and sedative effects of Darkstar Kush can be deeply therapeutic for those accustomed to its strength.  

Darkstar Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Darkstar Kush’s scent is fairly subtle considering its Aghani background. Those who prefer less pungent strains will appreciate Dark Star’s faintly sweet and nutty aroma. Its flavour is equally pleasant, revealing an earthier, woody depth once lit. 

Medical Benefits Darkstar Kush Strain

Darkstar Kush has a strong effect on the body,  making this cannabis strain highly therapeutic. She may be able to help relieve inflammation and pains, which means Darkstar Kush may be useful for helping alleviate Crohn’s Disease. This lady also can help reduce tremors and seizures, meaning she could be useful to help medical patients with Parkinson Disease or Multiple Sclerosis. Darkstar Kush is great for reducing feelings of anxiety, which could be helpful for treating insomnia or stress.

How to Grow Darkstar Kush Seeds

Darkstar Kush grows short during the vegetative period, with minimal internodal spacing. When flowering, Darkstar Kush may reach a medium height with extremely dense buds.  This moderate height makes it a perfect choice for growers preferring discretion or those who lack the adequate grow space. Darkstar Kush’s flowers will mature with a magenta, pink hue when ready for harvest. This strain will reach maturity after around 9 weeks, making it an easy-to-grow indica-dominant plant ideal for shorter summers.