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Birthday Cake Pheno

by T.H. Seeds

TH seeds Bred from a bonafide Northern California classic, Citron Givré (Lemon Sorbet to you and me) is a feminized, indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that comes via TH Seeds. Expect to be treated to a sweet, cakey flavour and a potent body buzz. Très bien!

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Citron Givré – Birthday Cake Strain Genetics

The famed TH Seed company selected the finest Birthday Cake (AKA Wedding Cake) strains – Cannabis cup winners, Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie) to create these beautiful feminised cannabis seeds. That rich GSC heritage ensures a fine collection of the sweetest flavours and a chill yet uplifting buzz.

More than just a simple clone of the seedbank favourite it is bred from, Citron Givré is Birthday Cake turned up to 11, producing large, colourful, sweet-smelling buds that are as easy to grow as they are tasty to smoke!

Citron Givré – Birthday Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Talking of tasty, the flavour profile of this intriguing and nuanced strain is due to a rich combination of terpenes, headlined by the spicy tingle of caryophyllene and the fruity twist of limonene, the terpene mix that is at the heart of every much-loved Cookies strain.

There’s also that Skunk, Kush vibe at play here, a hint of the old school, provided by myrcene, whole floral and pine hints are present in the background thanks to hints of linalool and pinene. Blend it all together, and you have a bubblegum sweet strain with a strong citrus tang and a load of complex aromas and tastes bubbling under the surface.

Citron Givré – Birthday Cake Strain Effects

There is a three-stage buzz to Citron Givré that is best described as relax, smile, giggle. After consuming, you will be transported to a world of pure chill, with body and mind both loosening up and leaning into the high, the perfect post-work wind-down.

Once you’re suitably loosened up, then the joyful euphoria kicks in, starting with an upbeat mood and slowly leading into an energetically happy sensation complete with almost guaranteed laughter. If you want to add some extra entertainment to a social situation, this strain is not to be missed.

Citron Givré – Birthday Cake Strain Medical Benefits

This Citron Givré cannabis strain has medical marijuana potential for those with chronic pain conditions. The combination of the high THC level (over 20%) and the deep terpene profile gives possible anti-inflammatory properties, which may reduce the discomfort and pain related to ongoing pain in the joints.

The work the cannabinoids and terpenes do with the endocannabinoid system may also support pain relief for those living with regular severe headaches. This strain may assist in reducing both the severity and the longevity of migraines, potentially relieving associated stress and sleep issues.

How to Grow Citron Givré – Birthday Cake Strain Seeds

Short, stocky, high-yielding plants that take almost no upkeep and have a flowering time of as little as eight weeks from germination. Growing Citron Givré seeds outdoors takes a little work, but as long as you have a greenhouse, you’ll be good. Available in feminised seeds only, this strain responds well to both SOG and SCROG growing methods.

After no more than nine weeks indoors (and around mid-October for outdoor gardeners), these cannabis plants will bloom, providing a host of dense, heavy, lime green buds with swollen calyxes and a coat of trichome icing, perfect for resin extraction. Your new favourite strain, Citron Givré, has everything we want, the gorgeous look, the tempting taste, the dank smell, and a buzz that you’ll want to revisit again and again!