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Hindu Kush x Afghani #1

by T.H. Seeds

Chunky fat buds with a chocolatey sweetness. This short flowering Kush strain is high yielding, mold resistant and brilliant for Sea of Green setups. Resisting this lip-licking treat is hard.

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Chocolate Chunk Strain Genetics

A pure indica, Chocolate Chunk maintains all the best qualities of her Hindu Kush origins. Crossing the best Afghani strains in Amsterdam, the breeders at T.H. Seeds were able to develop this delicious caramel, chocolate phenotype in its finest form. There’s no doubt Kush lovers will find the sweet, juicy buds of this strain hard to resist.

Chocolate Chunk Strain Terpene Profile

Chocolate Chunk ’s sweet caramel, cocoa liquor flavor has a pleasant musky citrus background. When vaping this bud, your taste buds will experience this cocktail of chocolate syrup and Kush overtones in full force. The aroma is equally fragrant and delightful, even more so when the dried flower is ground up. If you’re a flavor-favoring cannasseur, Chocolate Chunk is a must try strain.

Chocolate Chunk Strain Effects

Powerful and hard-hitting, Chocolate Chunk comes on strong. As a pure indica, she’ll have you feeling simultaneously light headed and heavy bodied. If you can handle her strength, you’ll be able to appreciate her euphoric, relaxing effects with a smile on your dial. In small doses, Chocolate Chunk’s balance of clear head-high and body relaxing effects are best enjoyed taking it easy with close friends. A larger sesh, on the other hand, will bring on a full blown body stoned and most likely leave you couch locked.

Medical Benefits Chocolate Chunk Strain

Pure indica strains like Chocolate Chunk are known for their therapeutic properties. Working to relax the body, Chocolate Chunk may help those suffering from inflammation, muscle aches and pains. Meanwhile, her calming effects can also ease the mind, assisting some to relieve stress and anxiety. Chocolate Chunk’s sedative effects may also prove as a useful aid for those struggling with insomnia by helping restore sleep patterns.

How to Grow Chocolate Chunk Seeds

This 100% indica will grow with thick, dark green leaves which are typically indica in appearance. During the vegging period, she will remain short and is ideal for a Sea of Green setup. Once flowered, she will grow to a medium height, with one thick central cola and side branching, similar to a Christmas Tree. 

Chocolate Chunk will grow with thick, dense, biomass rich buds which fill every branch, making it a very impressive yielder in just 55-65 days. Due to her Afghani lineage and her high resistance to mildew and mold this strain withstands cold and wet weather with ease so is perfect for growing either outdoors or in a greenhouse.