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by T.H. Seeds

An Afghani-rich, pure indica feminized cannabis strain, TH Seeds’ Chocolate Chunk is the perfect blend of classic and modern. Dense buds, a melt in your mouth flavour, and a high THC content making for an instant legend!

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Chocolate Chunk Strain Genetics

Chocolate Chunk cannabis seeds result from crossing two Afghan strains together and using some of that secret grower magic to create something that, while reminiscent of its parent strains, is far more than a simple tribute!

Fast flowering times, fantastic resin production, and a host of classic flavours and aromas have been handed down from the Afghani parents, which are the source of so many seed bank and Amsterdam coffeeshop classics. As a result, you get a nostalgic vibe of the Woodstock generation, with a high TCH level (around 20%) that could match up with some of today’s most potent marijuana strains.

Chocolate Chunk Strain Terpene Profile

The scent on the exhale of this Afghani x Afghani strain is pure history, travelling through generations of weed, Skunk, and Kush and caressing your nostrils. This is due to the dominant terpene, myrcene, the most abundant cannabis terpene and the one responsible for the familiar scent we all love so very dearly.

Additionally, abundant terpenes found in this strain include the fruity terpene and the earthy, piney taste of pinene. There is also likely to be some of the spicy, peppery terpene, caryophyllene, to be found in the genetic makeup too. This combination creates a rich, creamy, almost chocolatey flavour that borders on Hash like in its taste, especially on the inhale.

Chocolate Chunk Strain Effects

Get ready to get the best kind of buzzed! This Afghani descendant delivers that perfect combination of full-body relaxation and euphoric mental high that you remember from that first smoke. The effects can only be described as classic here, but thanks to the high THC content, everything is turned up that little bit more, so even seasoned cannaisseurs can feel the full, fast-acting benefit of this stunning strain.

Energy inducing after the initial kick, this is a reasonable daytime smoke for those who can handle it. However, the best time is just after work, when you have the time to enjoy the full range of sensations created by this marvellous high, enjoying an evening of intriguing conversation and more than a little giggling!

Chocolate Chunk Strain Medical Benefits

The medical benefits here are similar to those the parent strains are well known for. Firstly, Chocolate Chunk medical seeds have the potential to assist in getting to sleep and staying asleep, with the long-lasting buzz moving gradually towards a fully relaxed sensation. This could be particularly useful for those living with short or long-term insomnia.

The rich cannabinoid and terp profile may also support the relief of anxiety symptoms. In fact, several of the dominant terpenes have a long-lasting reputation in folk medicine for that very thing!

How to Grow Chocolate Chunk Strain Seeds

Growing these Chocolate Chunk feminized seeds (autoflowering seeds not yet available) is an absolute joy for growers of all levels of experience. Indoors, these cannabis plants respond particularly well to the SOG (Sea of Green) growing method. Expect a quick flowering time of as little as seven weeks from germination, with a high yield that will seem almost impossible in such a short space of time! The lime green flower to dark green leaves ratio means trimming is easy too!

The uniformity of these plants is almost unbelievable, you’d think some sort of cloning was going on with short plant heights that look nigh-on identical! This is even true for outdoor growers, where these marijuana seeds can deal with most relatively warm weather conditions and grow very well in a greenhouse. A dense, lime green, single cola in the centre will appear and continue to grow right up until harvest time, where you will find a trichome coated beauty with an earthy, rich, spicy scent that’s ready to rock your world!