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by T.H. Seeds

Another notable release from TH Seeds’ seedbank, AfghaniBerry, is a limited edition, Sativa-leaning hybrid strain with indica-style growth and full-bodied relaxation. AfghaniBerry strain is easy to grow and a delight to consume, with a balanced fruity and floral spice profile, sure to please any grower.

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AfghaniBerry Strain Genetics

A cross of the classic Afghani strain and the unknown JCP, AfghaniBerry’s lineage is a bit of a mystery. A balanced hybrid, this strain highlights both indica and sativa characteristics in one attractive package.

Afghani, a pure-indica landrace strain, showcases resinous, trichome-covered buds and deeply relaxing effects across the entire body. Additionally, its mysterious sativa parentage provides uplifting and happy mental moods.

AfghaniBerry strain marijuana seeds showcase the same indica-heavy relaxation and body effects as its prolific Afghani parent, alongside a noticeable mental high from the JCP.

AfghaniBerry Strain Terpene Profile

AfghaniBerry flavours and aromas are intense and delectable due to the rich terpene profile. Dense buds and the resulting vapour create a balanced bouquet of sweet fruit and spice with gentle floral undertones.

Like its Afghani heritage, AfghaniBerry cannabis seeds’ dominant terpenes are a perfect combo of Myrcene and Caryophyllene, with traces of Linalool from the JCP. Myrcene is responsible for the dank and earthy notes of fruit, as well as the full-body sedating and medical effects. Caryophyllene supplies pleasant sweet and spicy flavours, along with anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects.

Linalool — found in lavender, hops, and citrus fruits — provides spicy floral notes and hints of fruit, with medical effects focusing on mental and physical relaxation.

AfghaniBerry Strain Effects

TH Seeds AfghaniBerry cannabis seeds provide a range of effects showcasing its rich blend of indica and sativa genetics. Moderate to high THC levels settle over the body like a favourite blanket. At the same time, Myrcene and Linalool blend to create full-bodied relaxation and calm.

Expect a clear mind and energized spirits, as the vibrant sativa properties focus on anti-anxiety and mental happiness. AfghaniBerry strain is excellent for workouts and works well as an early evening strain for body relaxation.

AfghaniBerry Strain Medical Benefits

Rich in antioxidants, terpenes, and cannabinoids, AfghaniBerry strain medical benefits include full-body pain relief and stress relaxation, made possible by the pain-zapping blend of its terpenes. As your body relaxes, expect your mind to stay happy and buzzing with energy due to its mysterious sativa parentage.

TH Seeds AfghaniBerry medical seeds also feature a sizeable THC content that helps slow the body down and promote calm. CBD levels are low, but the dominant terpenes and the THC potency calms the sativa buzz and leaves a bright mind cleared of fog and gloom.

How to Grow AfghaniBerry Strain

Growing TH Seeds AfghaniBerry cannabis seeds is easy due to the Afghani strain’s production-heavy history. Suited for indoor and outdoor growth with a quick flowering time, these plants will reach a moderate height. Growers will enjoy watching these seeds flourish as mature plants showcases large indica leaves and dense, green-on-green buds covered in frosted jade trichomes.

AfghaniBerry regular cannabis seeds flowering time is 8-9 weeks from germination. These are photoperiod seeds, so if growing outdoors, make sure to plant in line with your local light levels. As these seeds aren’t feminised, growers will have to keep an eye out for and remove pollen sacs to ensure high yields (or keep them for your own seeds!)

These seeds provide a quick turnaround for indoor growers, with the strain’s fruitful results distributed over dense, resinous buds. A hearty and robust plant, AfghaniBerry’s ease of growth and rich aroma turn each grow session into a sensory treat.