Buy Wedding Crashers strain seeds

Purple Punch x Wedding Cake

by Symbiotic Genetics

Another sumptuous marijuana strain from the experts at the Symbiotic Genetics seeds company, Wedding Crasher is a mellow, but long-lasting, indica-dominant hybrid that’s big on flavour and bold in its impact, offering a little slice of heaven in cannabis form.

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Wedding Crasher Strain Genetics

Using cult classic Purple Punch as a base strain, the Symbiotic Genetics seeds co have made their name as a reputable crossbreeder of candy flavoured hybrid marijuana strain types with Wedding Crasher representing the latest addition to their impressive catalogue.

Also known as Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake – an indica-leaning ancestral offshoot of Girl Scout Cookies – lends the hybrid its characteristically fresh-baked flavour and colossal THC content; its disarming sweetness masking a potent physical impact. Purple Punch – the perfect pairing of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG – boasts an equally alluring flavour profile and, when both combined, make Wedding Crasher something of a king among dessert strains.

Wedding Crasher Strain Terpene Profile

The juicy fruit flavours that define the Purple Punch phenotype can also be found in its descendent, with limonene and myrcene terpenes lending Wedding Crasher similar accents of grape and blueberry muffins. 

The addition of Wedding Cake genetics brings subtle notes of sweet vanilla and a delicious creamy quality to the hybrid, while high levels of caryophyllene – a dominant terpene within the Cookies family – offer a spicy kick and the sharp gassy highlights of a classic kush, followed by Purple Punch’s characteristic berry finish on the exhale. 

Wedding Crasher Strain Effects

The uplifting and physical effects of its parent strains combine in Wedding Crasher cannabis seeds to produce a euphoric high that, while indica-leaning, comes with a surge of creativity and social energy that’s more common to a sativa seed type; it’s double-impact akin to that of many of the DNA genetics seeds company’s celebrated creations, like Banana Punch or their indomitable Cherry Punch fan favourite.

Inspiring confidence and conversation, its cerebral effects are paired with an intoxicating full-body experience that’s more likely to make you crash on a friend’s couch than a stranger’s wedding.  

Despite these feminized seeds having a phenomenally high THC content of up to 25%, the strain’s overall impact, though heady and long-lasting, is surprisingly mellow and though couchlock is a possibility, seasoned users should have no problem remaining functional and motivated while under its influence.

Wedding Crasher Strain Medical Benefits

With impressively high levels of THC, these feminized cannabis seeds certainly offer some potential when used as medical marijuana. Wedding Crasher owes its stimulating qualities to high levels of limonene – a terpene best known for battling stress and elevating mood – making it an ideal remedy for social anxiety and depression.

As with many popular medical marijuana strains, Wedding Crasher is also rich in caryophyllene, which works by activating CB2 receptors in the immune system, and has shown potential as a pain reliever, and a powerful anti-inflammatory.

How to Grow Wedding Crasher Strain Seeds

With the inherent stocky stature and short flowering time of indica varieties, Wedding Crasher seeds by symbiotic genetics grow into reliable and hardy cannabis plants which are ready to harvest within 9-10 weeks. Characterized by frosty, trichome-littered buds and generous pistil coverage, these easy to grow female seeds looks just as delicious as they taste.

Available in feminized seeds only, the wedding crasher strain is ideal for hydroponic environments but can be cultivated equally well in soil, growers should expect only moderate yields. Still, considering the strain’s unique sensory benefits, this shouldn’t come as a significant disappointment.