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Mendo Breath x Purple Punch F2

by Symbiotic Genetics

Want those blissed-out full-body vibes, but remain clear-headed? Look no further than Punch Breath regular seeds. This potent indica-dominant strain from famed seeds co Symbiotic Genetics almost forces you to relax and is a phenomenal way to end a busy day. Still, make sure you’ve tended to your tasks before partaking, as despite the Punch Breath strain being merciful on the mind fog, chances are you’re going to be remaining pretty stationary.

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Punch Breath Strain Genetics

Famed for their legendary Banana Punch strain, seeds company Symbiotic Genetics Seeds have united two forces of indica, in the form of  Mendo Breath F2 and Purple Punch F2. A hybrid unto itself, Mendo Breath is a cross of another cult classic, OGKB and Mendo Montage and is a popular choice in seeds banks for its powerful body high and dense frosty buds.

Mendo Breath’s beautiful buds marry together seamlessly with the gorgeous purple hues of its equally potent partner Purple Punch F2, with these dank genetics creating a delicious dessert strain ideal for late evening relaxation.

Punch Breath Strain Terpene Profile

Relaxation aside, the piece de resistance of the Punch Breath strain is, without a doubt, its smell. That beautiful frosting saturating Mendo Breath’s buds smells delectably of caramel. While the aromas from parent strain Purple Punch F2 is reminiscent of walking into a bakery (which for the purposes of this description, happens to be solely making fruity cakes.)

Punch Breath certainly won the genetic jackpot when it comes to aroma. With a combination of terpenes caryophyllene, limonene and pinene, filling our nostrils with the scent of soft vanilla, caramel and notes of grapefruit to balance it all out, this cult classic draws you in with a truly enticing scent. On the exhale, prepare for a hit of wild berries, although thanks to a hint of myrcene, do beware of Punch Breath’s surprisingly earthy aftertaste.

Punch Breath Strain Effects

Although a potent strain, the high afforded by Symbiotic Genetics Punch Breath will come on slowly, but surely. With a little patience before you know it, your whole being will be marinating in a delicious full-body buzz in a way that won’t overpower your mind.

Taken with caution, this Punch Breath strain is perfect for creative conversation after dinner, or general socialising, but we wouldn’t recommend trying to do anything all that physical.

Punch Breath Medical Benefits

Due to the Punch Breath strain having a high caryophyllene content (with a little help from myrcene) this magic marijuana has the potential to offer relief when it comes to managing pain conditions such as joint problems and arthritis.

Caryophyllene’s innate ability to activate CB2 receptors in the brain is partly responsible for this strain’s anti-pain effects, but also conveniently contributes to helping protect the body and mind from disease.

How to Grow Punch Breath Seeds

Available in regular seeds, Punch Breath seeds by Symbiotic Genetics can easily be cultivated indoors or out, and watching it happen is nothing short of stunning. Thanks to some impressively dank genetics, thick leaves with a raft of purple leaves (inherited from parent strain Purple Punch F2) give way to sweet-smelling trichomes and vibrant full buds flecked in coppery orange pistols.

And it’s worth noting, structurally, this plant is big, from stem to bud, Punch Breath regular seeds develop into hefty plants with even heftier bag appeal. In about ten weeks flowering time, for indoor yields you can expect around 600g/m2, choose to take things outside however and 1,000g/m2 is not beyond the realms of possibility.