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Garlic Cookies x Purple Punch

by Symbiotic Genetics

Modified Grapes from Symbiotic Genetics is a high-potency, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with an exciting genetic background. With orange-coated buds and a fast flowering time, these feminized seeds grow into gorgeous cannabis plants that offer a unique flavour profile.

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Modified Grapes Strain Genetics

Modified Grapes is the result of an unexpected pairing of two cannabis cup winners – GMO Cookies (AKA Garlic Cookies) and Purple Punch. This exotic blend of Cookies and Kush strains combines unlikely genetics to create an intriguing hybrid cannabis strain.

While Garlic Cookies (a relative of Girl Scout Cookies) provides a sour, garlicky scent, Purple Punch (OG Kush’s grandchild) has a much sweeter taste profile. One thing that comes from this blend of indica strains is short, stocky plants with a high yield and an impressive THC content well over 20%.

Modified Grapes Strain Terpene Profile

The impressively fruity terpene profile of Modified Grapes is handed down from its mother strains but doesn’t completely echo either, instead bringing its own unique flavour and scent that unites a sweet and fruity grape candy with spicy, herbally garlic kick.

Limonene is one of the dominant terpenes present in this cannabis strain, bringing a fruity flavour, with a hint of citrus, a touch of grape, and a little vibe of sweet cherry floating underneath.

A spicier tone is added to the aroma of this hybrid marijuana by the presence of caryophyllene. This peppery terpene adds a kick on the exhale that alters the grapey, fruity aroma of this marijuana strain as it leaves your mouth and envelopes the room.

Modified Grapes Strain Effects

The high THC level of Modified Grapes gives this cannabis strain a potent kick that is likely to stick you to your sofa in rapid fashion. A relaxed and euphoric full-body buzz is both fast-acting and long-lasting.

Instead of shutting your brain down as one may expect, this high THC level strain actually aids focus and concentration. This can make you quite the conversationalist, with a happy, giggly effect that offers enough gusto to keep you at the top of your game.

Modified Grapes Strain Medical Benefits

Purple Punch has won awards as a medical cannabis strain, and these genetics are passed down to Modified Grapes giving it a number of potential uses as medical marijuana.

Caryophyllene and THC both bind to cannabinoid receptors and can aid in relieving pain associated with chronic pain-related conditions such as fibromyalgia, meaning this hybrid strain can potentially take the edge off symptoms and increase comfort.

Talking of comfort, the relaxing nature of this Symbiotic Genetics cannabis strain means that there is potential for stress relief, especially due to the presence of limonene in the terpene profile, which may aid in relieving the severity of stress symptoms.

How to Grow Modified Grapes Strain Seeds

The indica strains in the genetics of Modified Grapes have led to these cannabis seeds growing into short, stocky, and sturdy plants.

Relatively easy to grow, with limited work necessary from the grower and a fast flowering time, indoor cultivators can expect these marijuana seeds to be ready in as little as nine weeks.

Although, best results may come from exercising a little patience and waiting a full 11 weeks before harvesting the high yield from these cannabis plants.

Outdoor growers will also enjoy cultivating these feminised seeds, which should be fully grown and ready to go by mid-October.

A fruity, yet sour aroma will emanate as Modified Grapes edges towards harvest time, developing dense, hefty, crystal-coated buds with a notable orange hue.