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LA Confidential x Purple Punch F2

by Symbiotic Genetics

Named after the late, great basketball legend, Kobe is a high-scoring, indica heavy hybrid from Symbiotic Genetics that guarantees a slam dunk experience every time!  

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Kobe Strain Genetics

In tribute to one of America’s most decorated athletes, the dedicated strain hunters at the Symbiotic Genetics seeds company have brought back this rare and legendary indica-dominant hybrid strain for one last hurrah, giving growers and consumers the opportunity for a little extra one-on-one time.

The product of an award-winning partnership, these major league marijuana seeds blend in-house genetics from two cannabis world champions. Its sedative impact and growth resistances come from the hugely popular LA Confidential, while Purple Punch, a cup-winning dessert strain that’s packed with colour and flavour, lends this cream of the crop cultivar its sweet aftertaste and aesthetic beauty.

Kobe Strain Terpene Profile

Kobe is a caryophyllene-rich cannabis strain with a moreish sweet and spicy flavour profile. A pleasant piney scent provided by alpha-pinene and humulene terpenes gives way to bold flavours of pepper, red grape and subtle aftertastes of tart berry and soda pop that gave Purple Punch its name.

Tickling the throat and tingling the taste buds, this smokey combination of tastes and smells is sure to satisfy, making Kobe an excellent choice for those in search of a brand new twist on the famous flavours of its parent plant.

Kobe Strain Effects

Symbiotic Genetics seeds are famed for their potency, and this indica dominant strain keeps up the standard with a heavyset high that’s reminiscent of Purple Punch’s famous two-pronged attack. Hitting between the eyes with an intense cerebral kickstart, users will quickly feel their limbs numbing as its knockout physical effects begin to take hold.

When it comes to Kobe, it’s best to avoid playing fast and loose. Towering THC levels of 24-28% guarantee a long-lasting and intense experience, regardless of experience, meaning this speciality plant is best reserved for veteran smokers. 

Kobe Strain Medical Benefits

While something of a medical marijuana all-rounder, Kobe boasts an all-star defender in caryophyllene, which makes it particularly powerful anti-inflammatory. It’s also rich in humulene, a terpene with similar therapeutic qualities, and therefore suitable for muscle strains, swelling, and all kinds of conditions a professional athlete might encounter on the court.

THC can also act as a great therapeutic treatment for physical injury, with Kobe’s beefy THC content helping to reduce aches and chronic pain. Meanwhile, alpha-pinene serves to mitigate the unwanted effects of this powerful psychoactive compound.

How to Grow Kobe Strain

Kobe cannabis seeds from the Symbiotic Genetics seeds co is an excellent choice for both beginner and novice cannabis cultivators. Suitable for indoor and outdoor growth, mould and pest resistance inherited from LA Confidential ensure a quick and easy turnover whatever the environment.

In true LA Lakers fashion, the plant’s tight, spade-shaped buds are coloured in shades of green and purple, with vanilla tinted trichomes that help emulate the traditional team colours of the real-life Kobe’s championship squad. A healthy coating of crystal and sticky resin also makes this high THC strain ideal for concentrate creation.

Currently available as regular seeds only, Kobe from Symbiotic Genetics is the marijuana ringer that’ll take your garden from the little leagues to the heights of cannabis superstardom.