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GMO x Purple Punch F2

by Symbiotic Genetics

As part of Symbiotic Genetics Banana Punch line, Grease Bucket is the newest kid to join our cannabis seed bank – although grace might not entirely be the right word. This seriously strong skunk commands respect, firing on all cylinders when it comes to taste, smell and effect, as this indica-dominant hybrid allows users to engage in a heavy, full-body experience. 

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Grease Bucket Strain Genetics

Using cult classic Purple Punch F2 as a base strain, Symbiotic Genetics has made a name for themselves as a reputable crossbreeder of raw genetics and candy flavoured types of marijuana with Grease Bucket feminized seeds the latest addition to their impressive selection of cannabis strains. 

Although the Grease Bucket marijuana seed is relatively new, its parents certainly are not. Grease Bucket was borne from two cult classic seeds. First off the bat, cannabis cup winner GMO, an infamous variety that has almost garnered more publicity than it has nicknames (Garlic Cookies and GMO Cookies to name but two).  That said, although a coveted cup winner (several times over) the GMO strain heritage itself remains somewhat of a mystery, with many breeders vying for creative credit, all we know is this stuff is strong, famed for its soaring THC levels.

Making up the second half of the parent cannabis strains, we have Banana Punch #9 FEMS, which you’d think might’ve been brought in to balance things out, but needless to say, together, these two certainly do pack said punch.

Grease Bucket Strain Terpene Profile

The scent of Grease Bucket is certainly unique, thanks to an impressive terpene profile inherited from its truly exotic genetics. Caryophyllene, found in a number of different types of marijuana and plants, carries subtle notes of curried spice (the signature scent of the parent strain GMO), beautifully juxtaposed with the tropical taste, scent and limonene content contained within Banana Punch leaving us with an intoxicatingly intriguing sweet ‘n’ sour aroma that is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

Grease Bucket Strain Effects

Most consumers cite feeling relaxed, happy, euphoric and uplifted, and with THC levels loitering around the 25% mark we’re hardly surprised. Due to its remarkable potency, do be prepared for an intense take off as the initial high hits hard and fast, however, ride it out and this will even out to provide a stable, long-lasting, head to toe high.

Initially, Grease Bucket will help get the creative juices flowing, but too much and you may well find yourself snoozing, so beware of those big doses if sleep isn’t what you want out of this strain.

Grease Bucket Strain Medical Benefits

There is certainly some value in Symbiotic Genetics Grease Bucket as medical marijuana, largely because of the complex blend of cannabinoids and with such a high THC content, many of the potential medical benefits of this strain are psychoactive. 

Due to Grease Bucket’s powerful mind-altering effects, conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety can be significantly alleviated, as well as its innate ability to help distract the mind – a godsend for those looking to use medical cannabis for chronic pain management.

How to Grow Grease Bucket Strain Cannabis Seeds

Ready your green fingers, because these cannabis plants grow thick, and will require plenty of trimming. The sheer stink exuded by Grease Bucket also knocks a couple of points off in the stealth department, but an abundance of glistening trichomes will soon make up for any inconvenience.

A relatively easy to grow marijuana strain, and available in feminized seeds, this marijuana seed can be grown both indoors and outdoors but it does tend to favour sunny, growing season conditions until around mid-October. As such, your best bet is probably growing indoors using hydroponic systems with a powerful grow light.

If you do choose an indoor growing method when growing cannabis, Grease Bucket has a fast flowering time of approximately 9 weeks, yielding about 450 grams of elegant buds per square meter, making these cannabis seeds something of a cannabis growers dream.