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Cookies and Cream x Purple Punch

by Symbiotic Genetics

Delivering intense THC-driven euphoria and malty milky flavours with a fruity twist, Grape Milkshake is a rich and creamy, indica-leaning marijuana strain from Symbiotic Genetics that’s bound to bring all the boys to the yard.

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Grape Milkshake Strain Genetics

After tinkering with several different blends, the Symbiotic Genetics seed bank have whipped up an absolute storm with this indulgent indica-dominant marijuana treat. Grape Milkshake (available in feminized seeds) lineage is a sublime mix of Cookies and Cream – a cup-winning blend of Starfighter and an unknown GSC pheno from the Exotic Genetix seeds company, the sweet and sedating indica strain, Purple Punch, and its fantastic fruity frappe taste is every flavour hunter’s fantasy. But unlike a regular smoothie, this sweet ‘n’ tasty delight also comes with potent THC-dominant effects!

In addition to the pheno’s flavour and impact, Grape Milkshake marijuana seeds are also easy to bring to harvest and yield rugged, purple-tinged plants dripping in syrupy cannabis resin. Though not yet available in a feminized or autoflowering variety, Grape Milkshake is now in stock at the MGS online shop as regular seeds, allowing home growers to mix up their own batch of this spectacular Symbiotic Genetics sundae special.

Grape Milkshake Strain Terpene Profile

Prepare your tastebuds for a creamy concoction of flavours you’ll wish you could slurp through a straw! Grape Milkshake flavour profile blends luxuriant vanilla ice cream notes with an explosion of sweet grape and sugary berry flavours, providing a delicious and dairy-free adventure for the gustatory system. Its aroma is equally sweet but also pungent, with an earthy kush base and whiffs of skunk and spicy hashish.  

Several aromatic ingredients, appearing in varying concentrations, are responsible for this strain’s lip-smacking flavour. Grape Milkshake abundant terpenes include caryophyllene, humulene, and limonene, with myrcene compounds also playing a vital role in the recipe. Together, this creative blend of compounds also contributes to the strain’s psychoactive direction.  

Grape Milkshake Strain Effects

Just like sugary treats can trigger a dopamine rush and feelings of happiness and euphoria, Grape Milkshake effects are guaranteed to put a grin on your face if you can handle the strain’s high THC content. Immediately after its taste hits your lips, users will be transported to an uplifting, euphoric state where all worries seem inconsequential before feelings of full-bodied relaxation as its sugary high begins to wear off. 

Although more common in sativa strains, as this is a very high THC, low CBD indica, it may even shake your sensory perception and trigger mild auditory and visual hallucinations in low tolerance users. Lab results have revealed Grape Milkshake THC content averages around 20-25%, so this late-night luxury should be savoured slowly and avoided during the day.

Grape Milkshake Strain Medical Benefits

Testing has shown that in extract form, Grape Milkshake can possess extremely high THCA levels of up to 30+%. This lesser-known cannabinoid has many medical benefits but is especially prized as an anti-inflammatory agent. Cannabis grown from Grape Milkshake medical seeds is also high in humulene, caryophyllene, and THC, which all have a similar influence on the body, and patients with arthritis and those healing from physical injury may benefit most from this therapeutic action.

Everyone knows slimming shakes are a great way to lose weight, but those hoping to achieve the reverse may find Grape Milkshake medical benefits particularly useful. While its sweet flavour is undoubtedly delicious, its high THC levels can trigger the production of ghrelin – the hunger hormone that governs our eating habits. THCA also has anti-emetic properties, and, as such, this pheno’s powerful appetite-stimulating effects may be suitable for treating anorexia or symptoms of nausea. 

How to Grow Grape Milkshake Strain

Growing Grape Milkshake cannabis seeds isn’t quite as quick and easy as whipping up a delicious dairy-based beverage, but thanks to its strong indica heritage, which features rugged cannabis strains like Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, this strain can be grown successfully inside or outdoors with little previous experience. Under the right conditions, Grape Milkshake yields can reach as high as 650 gr/m2 indoors or up to 1kg outside, so we recommend giving your plants a little extra care or even considering a SOG or SCROG set up to boost your overall output.

Grape Milkshake flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination, and the resinous results of this process are very high quality, with purple hues appearing throughout the plant’s leaves and dank trichome-littered buds. This phenotype has tremendous terpenic potential, and its epic flavour makes it the perfect jumping-off point for growers looking to venture into the world of extraction and concentrate creation. Cannabis growers shouldn’t have to settle for sub-par flavours, and with this simple-to-grow starter strain, the heavenly results speak for themselves.