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Do-Si-Do x Purple Punch

by Symbiotic Genetics

Combining two mouth-watering marijuana tastemakers into a single hybrid, Dosi Punch is a delectable dessert strain from Symbiotic Genetics that boasts a pleasing purple colour palette and heady indica-leaning effects.

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Dosi-Punch Strain Genetics

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce the two super strains responsible for these top-shelf cannabis seeds from Symbiotic Genetics. As its name suggests, Dosi Punch is a straightforward mashup of Do-Si-Do and Purple Punch and gains a variety of benefits from each.

While both are prized for their taste and colouration, the violet hues and famous fruitiness of seeds bank legend, Purple Punch are particularly dominant in Dosi Punch, while Do-Si-Do, a popular Girl Scout Cookies descendent, provides its body melting physical effects and additional flavour notes.

Together, these two top-shelf elite seeds lend Dosi Punch a sensory profile quite unlike any other and an indica-leaning hit that’s equally intense. 

Dosi-Punch Strain Terpene Profile

Symbiotic Genetics delightful Dosi Punch comes from a long line of flavoursome cannabis super strains. Its unique terpene profile is rich in limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene which work in synergy to create a taste that’s full of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Purple Punch is responsible for the dominant notes of red grape and berry, but it’s Do-Si-Do that provides the minty cookies kick that takes this Michelin Star worthy marijuana strain to the next level.

There are also pungent diesel flavours to be found, echoes of nuts and exotic spice upon the exhale, and a floral funkiness that screams sophistication.

Dosi-Punch Strain Effects

Dosi Punch offers a powerful THC driven high that’s both pleasant and long-lasting. Similar to the dual approach of its parent plants, its effects are initially cerebral, slamming your mind into a state of carefree satisfaction before an intoxicating sense of sedation takes grip over the body.

These physical effects are powerful and can quickly end in couchlock for users of a lower tolerance. Those able to withstand its high THC levels of 20+% will be truly rewarded with a happy and relaxing experience that’s ideal for evening use.

Dosi-Punch Strain Medical Benefits

If you´re looking for medical seeds, the soothing bodily effects of Dosi Punch make it an excellent option for medical marijuana patients, particularly those with physical aches and pains.

Caryophyllene-rich strains such as this have potent painkilling properties and can be used to soothe minor body aches and even chronic injury.

Linalool – a primary component of this medical-grade hybrid, as well as other plants like lavender – has been utilized for centuries as an effective sleep aid. Coupled with the sedative effects of THC, this terpene makes these medical seeds a great choice if you´re looking to grow marijuana to treat insomnia.

How to Grow Dosi-Punch Seeds

Dosi Punch is about as attractive as cannabis plants come. Producing beautiful heart-shaped buds blanketed in purple-tinted trichomes and painted in shades of olive green and lavender, this prize-worthy growers choice plant gets its unusual colour palette from Purple Punch and fares best outdoors in a warm and sunny environment.

While these regular seeds are also suitable for indoor cultivation, growers should provide plenty of light to ensure a healthy growth cycle and consider using the SCROG method to achieve maximum yields. Otherwise, Dosi Punch is relatively easy to grow, robust and highly adaptable. with a fast flowering time of just 8-9 weeks.