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Banana OG x Purple Punch

by Symbiotic Genetics

From the celebrated crossbreeders at the seeds company Symbiotic Genetics,  Banana Punch is a delectable indica dominant hybrid that blends one of California’s most exquisite dessert strains with tasty tropical phenotype, resulting in a truly formidable, top-shelf cannabis strain that’s a must for flavour connoisseurs.

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Banana Punch Strain Genetics

Symbiotic Genetics boasts a smorgasbord of tasty cannabis hybrids, each created through the pairing of their legendary Purple Punch strain with a variety of diverse mother cannabis plants. This time, their best breeders have selected Banana OG –  a celebrated Kush strain favoured for its prominent fruity overtones – for the perfect flavour pairing.

Purple Punch – a lip-smacking union of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple – is a candy-flavoured top-shelf titan of the cannabis community, with a monstrous indica impact that lends Banana Punch its dominant sensory effects. From Banana OG (aka Banana Kush) – a pungent OG Kush descendant – the hybrid strain inherits its creeping impact, tranquillizing traits, and, of course, the distinct flavours from which it earns its name.

Banana Punch Strain Terpene Profile

Purposely bred by Symbiotic Genetics to send your taste buds into overdrive, the mouthwatering flavour of both Banana Kush and Purple Punch can be found within Banana Punch’s exquisite flavour profile – the product of an evocative cocktail of aromatic compounds. 

Strong scents of unripe banana and tropical pineapple immediately assault your olfactory senses, combined with a divine gumdrop sweetness.

In the case of Banana Punch cannabis seeds, fruity notes such as these come courtesy of limonene and though its flavour adopts a comparable candied appeal – albeit less pronounced than its knockout aroma – alpha-pinene and humulene terpenes provide herbaceous accents upon the exhale, cutting through the hybrid strain’s sugary overtones and lending it a certain sensory complexity.

Banana Punch Strain Effects

The product of two exceptionally hard-hitting cannabis strains, the effects of the banana punch strain are predominantly tranquillizing with the hybrid unleashing a creeping, indica-dominant high that can easily catch the uninitiated off-guard.

Just like its overpowered parent Banana OG, this deceptively potent Kush strain has a dizzying THC content of up to 22% and is likely to leave unseasoned users comatose, before a powerful hunger and drowsiness kicks in, making moderate and bedtime usage the optimum option for this hyper-powered high THC strain. 

Banana Punch Medical Benefits

Beyond its flavourful qualities, Banana Punch cannabis seeds offer a wealth of benefits for the medical marijuana user. High concentrations of limonene terpenes provide relief from chronic pain and a stress-busting sense of relaxation – ideal for those with anxiety issues seeking calm and clarity after a hard day.

These qualities are further reinforced by alpha-pinene – a terpene known for heightening the potential of its contemporary compounds, which has also shown anti-inflammatory effects and asthma battling potential.

How to Grow Banana Punch Seeds

Its strong Kush genetics make this photoperiod flowering type a beautiful sight to behold. A short, squat cannabis strain with a rare dankness and classic OG Kush characteristics, banana punch feminized cannabis seeds will develop into a well-cultivated specimen that is likely to produce an abundant crop of trichome-coated buds bursting in an attractive array of deep purples and dark greens.

Thriving best in controlled, indoor environments – particularly the SCROG method – outdoor growth is undoubtedly an option for Banana Punch marijuana seeds but only recommended for warm and sunny areas as temperamental weather is likely to spell trouble for the uncautious cultivator.

Requiring plenty of TLC and offering lower yields than average, this is one top-shelf strain designed for dedicated growers seeking taste over high turnovers.