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OG Kush

by Soma Seeds

True OG is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Soma Seeds. As the name suggests, there’s a lot of Kush in the genetics here, but this high THC level strain feels like far more than another OG clone.

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True OG Strain Genetics

True OG cannabis seeds have a name that needs to be proven, especially amongst hardened cannaisseurs, and this unique OG Kush phenotype is capable of backing up the boast. Expect all the traits you love about the finest OG Kush seeds here, from the fast flowering time to the stunning, herbal scent, to the citrus tingle and the uplifting high!

The high-quality OG stock that this marijuana strain is bred from has seen it win the Soma Seeds company a couple of high-profile awards (including 2nd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica medical category). Experiencing this delectable hybrid, it doesn’t take long to realize why it’s been so successful!

True OG Strain Terpene Profile

The flavours and aromas of this California marijuana strain, combining touches of sweet and spice under a herbal, floral overtone, come from the rich terpene profile.

Two of the dominant True OG terpenes are limonene, which provides that citrus-fresh fruity flavour, and caryophyllene, which is the cause of that lovely peppery kick on the inhale.

The herbal, skunk-scented side is carried by the most famous cannabis terpene, myrcene, while linalool is also at play here, adding those floral touches to the earthy, old-school Aghani flavours of the myrcene. Just a divine combination for a classic taste and scent.

True OG Strain Effects

This predominantly indica strain has all the traits of a South Cali classic, with that euphoric, uplifting buzz we all know and love taking centre stage here. Thanks to the high THC content, which can tip the scales as high as 25% in some cases, the effects can be potent here but shouldn’t result in couchlock.

Instead, a blend of relaxation for the body and focused creativity for the mind can be expected, making it a great time to develop some great ideas, but perhaps not the best time to execute them!

True OG Strain Medical Benefits

As an award-winning medical cannabis, the potential health benefits of True OG have been widely reported, with one of the most common effects mentioned by fans being stress relief. Stress catches us all from time to time, and the terps and cannabinoids present here can help alleviate those sensations.

These feminized seeds may also provide pain relief; the combination of caryophyllene and high THC in this strain, arguably even more so than classic OG Kush strains, may support the body in reducing joint soreness related to chronic pain conditions.

How to Grow True OG Strain Seeds

The True OG feminized seeds have a flowering period of no less than nine weeks from germination for indoor growers and rarely more than 11. Outdoor gardeners have a little longer to wait, with a harvest expected around October.

Whether indoors or outdoors, these fem marijuana seeds (the Soma Seeds seed bank doesn’t currently offer autoflowering or regular seeds) like the temperature to remain around a steady 18-30 degrees Celsius and can struggle in humid conditions due to mould and bud rot.

Therefore, outside of Mediterranean climates, a greenhouse is recommended for outdoor growers. These efforts on your part, minor as they are, will come to fruition when dank, dense, dark green, pinecone-shaped buds appear come harvest time. 

Covered in trichomes and orange pistils and with a skunky smell of Woodstock (the weed, not the sweaty festival-goers), this cannabis strain is pure nostalgia, and it’s fantastic!