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So G Kush x Purple Haze

by Soma Seeds

SoPurple is a feminised purple cannabis strain from Soma Seeds. This high THC indica-dominant hybrid boasts a rich legacy and a buffet of incredible flavours and aromas bound to impress even the most seasoned seedsman.

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SoPurple Strain Genetics

SoPurple is a blend of high-quality indica strains So G Kush and Purple Haze. The latter’s presence should be enough to impress most, but in case you’re unaware of So G Kush, there’s so much more to it. Soma Seeds’ flagship marijuana seeds are a delightful blend of sativa and indica seedbank legends, OG Kush x LA Confidential x Trainwreck.

That’s some serious seeds to be descended from and results in some truly sensational traits for this hybrid strain, including a coat of trichome for the buds, perfect for resin extraction. And that’s not to mention the fantastic, uplifting, Afghani influenced high.

SoPurple Strain Terpene Profile

This purple Kush marijuana strain has a nuanced and detailed terpene profile, the dominant terps being responsible for the stunning range of tastes and scents. For example, the herbal, earthy aroma of classic Skunk and Haze strains that fills the room up comes from myrcene.

The spicy, peppery, intriguing, almost vanilla-tinged flavour on the inhale of this purple weed is the responsibility of another of SoPurple’s abundant terpenes, caryophyllene. Also at play are terpinolene, a piney, floral taste (similar to pinene, which may also be present) and ocimene, the reason for the woody, fruity, blackberry scents on exhale.

SoPurple Strain Effects

The effects of this potent purple strain occur in a variety of stages thanks to the high THC level (over 20%). The Afghan descendents’ influence is strong, so expect to start with a near (but not quite) couch-locking sense of total relaxation to take over your whole body. Over time, this feeling will gently dissipate, leaving just a general chill feeling and reduced tension in muscles and joints.

This second feeling will be joined by an uplifting, euphoric head high, creating feelings of pure joy which are likely to have you giggling right up to the third and final stage, when everything relaxes once again, ready to take you off to the most blissful, dream-filled sleep you may have ever had!

SoPurple Strain Medical Benefits

One of the many reported SoPurple medical benefits is in the assistance of reducing symptoms of depression. The endocannabinoid system can potentially aid depression and related conditions, and the cannabinoids and terpenes at play here may work together with the body to help that process.

Additionally, many have stated that this is an excellent medical marijuana strain for the treatment of insomnia. Not only does the high THC level aid feelings of tiredness, but the terpenes may aid in providing relief for stress and anxiety that may stop you from being able to fall asleep or stay asleep.

How to Grow SoPurple Strain Seeds

Some SoPurple phenos have been known to be ready in as little as seven weeks for indoor growers. However, for most, the flowering time of these fem cannabis seeds is likely to be somewhere between eight and nine weeks from germination, which is still pleasingly swift!

Outdoor gardeners in warm and dry climates (or those using greenhouses) can expect a September harvest. For inside and outside gardeners, the yield is high. The results of growing these feminized seeds (There are not SoPurple autoflowering seeds available at this time) are phenomenal, with giant, dank, purple buds, decorated with pinks, oranges, and various shades of green, all under a thick resin coat that makes the nugs glitter like they’ve been snowed on!