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G13 Haze x Hawaiian

by Soma Seeds

Somaui was created by Soma Sacred Seeds with sativa lovers in mind. Blending G13 Haze, a strain of mysterious heritage, with Hawaiian Sativa, and you’re left with a true cerebral delight. An 80% sativa with an energizing head-high and sweet aromas. Veterans with green fingers, it’s your time to shine – Somaui cannabis strain needs a little expertise to grow.

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Somaui Genetics

Soma Seeds’ Somaui is a sativa dominant strain that owes it all to its notorious parents, G13 Haze and Hawaiian Sativa. The former, a sativa-leaning descendant of the potent G13 indica (the so-called strain developed in secret by government scientist in the 60’s) and an original Haze. The latter, Hawaiian Sativa, a true landrace sativa with high THC levels and a purely head-high. With genes like these, it’s no surprising Somaui delivers a cerebral kick.

Somaui Effects

You guessed it, Somaui’s sativa lineage ensures a strong, long-lasting, and primarily cerebral, high. Energizing, motivating and uplifting; this strain brings all the goods for a productive day. While Somaui is certainly not a strain to give you heavy eyelids her slight indica properties will still bring about a level of calm and relaxation. Perfect if you’re looking to ease a frantic mind and focus on mounting tasks or engage in social situations. Some less frequent users may find Somaui’s cerebral head-high a little overwhelming, so use with care.

Somaui Terpene Profile

Somaui will woo you with her typically sweet citrus and piney aroma, an attribute carried from both sides of the Haze and Hawaiian family. Her flavour, however, has a little more bite – think blends of tangy tropical fruity notes accompanied with an earthier depth.

Medical Benefits Somaui

The uplifting and energizing effects that are often associated with sativas-dominant strains like Somaui may help with feelings of sluggishness, low-moods or lack of motivation; symptoms sometimes experienced by those coping with stress or depression. These same up-lifting qualities may also help those struggling with fatigue by providing a much-needed energy boost. People coping with ADD/ADHD may also benefit from a strain like Somaui’s as it can help gently calm the body and while focusing a busy mind. Just be aware of its high THC content and relatively strong effects.

How to Grow Somaui

Cannaisseur growers looking for a bit of challenge, step up. Somaui may be the perfect match. Requiring a little more TLC, this strain is not recommended for novice growers. With tropical origins Somaui will prefer the indoors if living in colder climates like Northern Europe, just make sure you leave enough room as she can grow fairly tall. Somaui’s longer flowering time of 12-14 weeks admittedly requires a little more patience. But, treat her well and you’ll be rewarded with a moderately generous yield of long, compact buds glistening with rose-coloured trichomes.