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Kushadelic x Buddha's Sister x New York Diesel

by Soma Seeds

Somari proves to be a strain of breeding genius, containing rich citrus notes and an extraordinarily high terpene limonene. It will come as no surprise it reigned supreme in the 2013 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

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Somari Genetics

Behind this indica (70%) hybrid is a spiritually dedicated Rastafarian named Soma who has an acute knowledge of cannabis cultivation and quality. Somari is a triple cross, mixed with New York Diesel giving it a classic flavour, Buddha’s Sister which produces its massive buds, and lastly what provides users with an exhilarating high, Kushadelic.

Somari Effect

Somari is not for those times that you need to get things done while high. The terpenes are rich in this strain and have relaxing and almost dream-like effects. Somari provides an upper high that’s long-lasting, yet won’t leave you couch-locked, producing the perfect smoke that will make you feel tranquil and extremely relaxed.

Somari Terpene Profile

The combination of NY Diesel’s pungent, chemical scent together with the cherry sweet notes she gets from her Buddha’s Sister are noticeable in the background when you break open a nug of Somari. Couple that with the lingering earthy overtones she gets from Kushadelic and you’ll know you are about to smoke a winner that has a seriously smooth smoke.

Medical Benefits Somari

This strain ensures the medical relief users seek, ideal for helping mood and relieving anxiety as well as helping with gastrointestinal issues which may benefit from the cannabinoid CBD and the most abundant terpenes in most of the cannabis strains, limonene.

How to Grow Somari

Not only is this strain a decent yielder, but Somari is undemanding and has the ability to hold up during her short growing phase without the environmental stress of powdery mildew, due to her compact bud structure. Sure to impress experienced cultivators, her seeds perform well and growers can expect pretty big buds covered in a dense blanket of resin that boasts a large terpene count and high-quality finish.