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Amnesia Haze x Lavender #1

by Soma Seeds

A sativa-leaning twist on an Amsterdam coffeeshop classic, Lavnesia is a multipurpose cannabis hybrid from Soma Seeds that’s calming and energizing in equal measure with a fantastic floral flavour that lives up to its Lavender parent.

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Lavnesia Strain Genetics

Coming straight from organic breeders Soma Seeds, Lavnesia lineage combines a veritable legend with South Asian and Jamaican landrace routes with one of the seed company’s own skunk superstars. Amnesia Haze is a popular sativa strain and multiple cannabis cup winner, while Lavender #1 (sometimes known as Lavender Haze) was born from Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani Hawaiian plants. 

Together, these two make a formidable parental team with their sativa-leaning descendent inheriting all the wealth of their world-spanning genetics. First launched in a feminised seed form in 2020, Lavnesia marijuana seeds are now available from the MGS online store. Easy to grow and heavy yielding, this strain is an excellent choice for extract experts, first-time cultivators, or commercial growers looking for a AAA cash crop.

Lavnesia Strain Terpene Profile

Lavnesia aroma is spicy and floral with piney undertones and a classic skunk sourness that might make your eyes water. When combusted, its skunk genetics really make themselves known, giving it’s smoke a tangy taste with earthy kush flavours of mango, citrus, and fragrant herbs.

Although a myrcene-rich pheno, Lavnesia abundant terpenes also include alpha-pinene and linalool – a naturally occurring aromatic compound that’s found in all kinds of flowers and spices, but most notably lavender. Along with its characteristic scent, this terpene also exhibits calming, anti-fungal, and insecticidal properties.

Lavnesia Strain Effects

This Amnesia Haze x Lavender cross combines the strongest sativa and the strongest indica from Soma Seeds back catalogue of cannabis hybrids. This genetic mix has made Lavnesia effects tremendously versatile with both cerebral and physical psychoactive qualities. Expect a combined head and body buzz, beginning with focused thought and a surge of creative inspiration and ending with full-bodied relaxation and mental stress relief.

Lavnesia THC level can range between 20-25%, and although an excellent social strain, its strong cerebral effects may prove too much for novices to handle. The strain’s high levels of alpha-pinene can help mitigate any negative effects, but if you’ve had previous experience with paranoia, it’s probably best to pick a more indica-dominant phenotype with a lower THC/CBD ratio.

Lavnesia Strain Medical Benefits

Lavnesia medical benefits may help to calm active minds and promote focus making this strain especially suitable to patients with ADD or hyperactive disorders. Preliminary studies have shown that compounds like alpha-pinene, linalool and THC can help reduce hyperactivity, impulsivity, and a lack of attention.

The strain’s calming effect can also help to combat stress. Marijuana such as the kind grown from Lavnesia medical seeds has been shown to lower cortisol levels, which can in turn help reduce the body’s response to stress.

How to Grow Lavnesia Strain

Soma Seeds are keen to promote organic natural cannabis growth, but growing Lavnesia cannabis seeds inside is definitely possible. However, indoor growers will need to factor in the plant’s strong sativa genes, which have resulted in medium/tall plants which may stretch somewhat during the flowering period, especially in hotter temperatures. Soma states that Lavnesia yields are 40-50g minimum, but growers can easily expect to take home ten times that amount per plant if these female seeds are cultivated correctly.

Lavnesia flowering time is around nine to ten weeks from germination, and its buds are dank and trichome-rich. This, along with its evocative terpene profile, makes it an excellent choice for making water hash or rosin and growers wanting to boost its aromatic potential even further should try techniques like LST and ensure to properly cure their product once harvested.