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OG Kush x G13 Haze

by Soma Seeds

Kushadelic, an indica-dominant hybrid strain by Soma Seeds is a potent cross between G13 Haze and OG Kush. It combines the great attributes of OG Kush with the citrus, cerebral effects of Haze.

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Kushadelic Strain Genetics

Kushadelic, an indica hybrid, is the proud offspring of two legendary strains, OG Kush and G13 Haze. The origins of OG Kush remain debated and that of G13 Haze’s parent, G13, remain hazy at best. This makes Kushadelic the child of two of the most loved, yet super mysterious strains! 

Kushadelic Strain Terpene Profile

Kushadelic’s delicious flavour pays full tribute to its genetic heritage. The presence of pinene is revealed in the pine, earth-like scent that OG Kush passed on to so many strains. On top of that, you have the citrus smell of G13 Haze which reveals the presence of limonene. This powerful combination of terpenes helps to harmonize the overall taste into a delightfully smooth flavour. 

Kushadelic Strain Effects

Kushadelic has the long-lasting body-stoned effect, commonly associated with indica-dominant strains. The G13 Haze side of the equation gives Kushadelic a little cerebral kick that prevents its indica dominance from becoming too full on. What you’re left with is a relaxed, spacey, euphoric high that’s perfect for chilled activities like listening to music with friends or watching movies.

Kushadelic Strain Medical Benefits

Kushadelic is an indica-dominant hybrid suggesting it may have anti-inflammatory properties that relax the body and relieve pain. It’s relaxing effects and lightly sedative qualities may make it a useful aid for those struggling to unwind before bed. Her sativa properties, often associated with mood-boosting feelings, may also provide welcome relief for those coping with symptoms of stress or mild anxiety.

How to Grow Kushadelic Strain 

Kushadelic grows uniformly, starting out as a classic looking indica plant that develops more of sativa structure as it stretches out, reaching a tall height very fast! If you are growing this outside, be sure to take this into account if space is an issue. On the flip side, its short flowering time of just 70 days should not disappoint those who want a quality strain, in rapid time.