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Gelato 45 x Girl Scout Cookies x Lavender OG

by Soma Seeds

A Soma Seeds upgrade of a classic Purple Caper triple threat, 5G is an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid with a high-profile heritage that’s lent it electrifying euphoric effects, a lighter scent, and a sweeter flavour profile than its superpowered predecessor.

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5G Strain Genetics

5G marijuana seeds are an enhanced version of Purple Caper’s original 4G phenotype. The seedbank’s monstrous threeway hybrid of Gelato #45 x Gorilla Glue #4 x Girl Scout Cookies has been paired with one of Soma Seed company’s cup-winning Lavender OG plants, giving 5G lineage a wealth of welcome growth traits and sweeter flavour profile than its high-powered parent.

This Soma Seeds update is now available from MGS online store as feminized seeds, which will yield big and beautiful indica-dominant plants that are packed with THC-dominant effects, sweet and spicy flavours and potent medical potential.

5G Strain Terpene Profile

Much of the 5G aroma profile is inherited from GG4. Expect strong skunk scents with sour diesel undertones, bubblegum, and pine accents. While it’s an aromatic plant, its smell is generally less intense than with Gorilla Glue, which is great for growers seeking discretion or where strong scents are in issue. Its flavour is a sweet and sour Afghani blend with spicy sandalwood flavours and fragrant hash and kush notes on the exhale.

5G dominant terpenes are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. The former is often held responsible for a cannabis plant’s skunky smell, but, in truth, it’s a combination of stronger sesquiterpenes, light monoterpenes, and terpenoids that gives a strain its unique aromatic profile.

5G Strain Effects

5G effects are euphoric but, as a top-shelf indica with a high THC/low CBD balance, they can also be intensely sedating. Let your mind disconnect from daily troubles as its relaxing influence lifts your mood to heady heights and lowers your stress levels. With continued consumption, users will experience hunger, drowsiness and may eventually find themselves falling into a deep and peaceful sleep.

5G THC levels haven’t been fully analysed, but several lab tests have confirmed that 4G THC content averages in the mid-teens and can reach as high as 20%. Couchlock can be a genuine concern with this strain, especially if you have a low THC tolerance. Even experienced users should keep consumption to the later hours of the day to make the best use of its relaxing effects. 

5G Strain Medical Benefits

5G medical benefits are myriad, but this strain is especially useful for treating depression. Its effects provide a welcome boost of serotonin which can help improve mood and decrease worry in medical marijuana patients. Though this may only be temporary, the relief provided is immediate and often more effective in the short-term than traditional medications.

Almost all cannabis users will be familiar with the phenomenon known as ‘the munchies’. The marijuana plant is famed for its hunger-inducing properties, and 5G medical seeds are especially potent in this regard. By stimulating ghrelin production, they may offer some relief to patients suffering from nausea or eating disorders like anorexia.

How to Grow 5G Strain

5G seeds flowering time is a rapid eight-nine weeks from germination. This relatively short flowering period means growers can concentrate on ensuring their setup is geared for maximum growth. Despite their indica-dominant genetics, these plants grow rapid and tall with a large, trichome-rich central cola that’s more common to sativa strains, but are resilient and easy to grow in any environment. However, growing 5G cannabis seeds inside is recommended, as this cultivar responds fantastically to SOG or SCROG cultivation.

Blooming gorgeous, fat flowers in shades of green, amber and lavender, thanks to a reduced scent radius – a product of its Lavender OG genetics – growers seeking discretion shouldn’t need any sort of special filtration to deal with the pheno’s pungent smell. 5G yields are heavy to moderate, and, come harvest time, cultivators can look forward to receiving decent crops of AAA cannabis bud for minimum effort.