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White Widow x AK 47

by Serious Seeds

This indica dominant hybrid from Serious Seeds is a cross between the potent AK47 and prize-winning White Widow. The auto variety is still pretty new, stability is still being improved and exact cannabinoid levels aren’t yet known. However, already it produces nice chunky colas, covered in frost and, like the feminized variety a happy, relaxed high.

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White Russian #1 Genetics

Feminized White Russian is an award-winning beauty, once considered the most potent strain around with 22% THC. The autoflowering version mixes South American Sativa and South Indian Indica on the White Widow side of the family, and Mexican, Thai and South American Sativas, plus Afghan Indica on the AK47 side.

White Russian #1 Terpene Profile

Sweet, and fruity, with some cheese thrown in; Auto White Russian #1 is a pungent little thing. Even in the vegetative stage, you will be able to smell and taste the terpene-rich palette of the plant, which has earthy and skunky notes underneath.

White Russian #1 Effects

Though the exact THC level is not yet known, it is definitely potent and creates quite a cerebral high for an Indica dom, though it has the potential to get couch-locky if you really up the dose. You should feel happy and relaxed, yet still be able to focus. Keep well hydrated though as she can have a tendency to make you thirsty or give you red eye.

Medical Benefits White Russian #1

Medical users may well find relief from stress and depression with this strain. The strong Indica element gives a good, deep body high too, so she can be useful for pain management or to help you get a good night’s sleep.

How to Grow White Russian #1

Not as easy to grow well as other autoflowering seeds; she can be prone to mould (bud rot) and wilt if conditions are wet. The uniformity of the strain is coming through in the height though (around 70 – 90 cm), and most plants produce dense colas with a thick layer of frost. If you care well for her, the bud quality is still good. Perhaps one for the small indoor grower where simply chucking a seed in one large pot and tending well could yield a moderate amount.