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Warlock x AK 47

by Serious Seeds

A double whammy of happiness: Serious Seeds crossed Warlock with AK47 to produce a 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid which grows easily and gives you an excellent high. 17-19% THC.

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Serious Happiness Genetics

A cross of Warlock – known for its lovely aroma and good medicinal benefits – and the wonderfully mellow sativa dominant strain hybrid, AK47; Serious Happiness is a potent combination of both parents best qualities.

Serious Happiness Terpene Profile

Fruity with a little spice and pepper, plus a nice sugary aftertaste; this frosty little plant is a delight for the senses.

Serious Happiness Effects

An incredible head high will come on all in a rush, lifting you up on a wave of creative energy. Following up, but not far behind, comes a deep, relaxing and long-lasting body buzz.

Medical Benefits Serious Happiness

The sativa qualities of energy, creativity and sociability come to the forefront in the Serious Happiness high: helpful for those with depression, anxiety, or if you’re looking to de-stress. Probably a good one for pain management too, thanks in part to its stable THC level, up there in the high teens.

How to Grow Serious Happiness

Oh, this will make you happy. Serious Happiness is very easy to grow: perfect for indoor grows, it’s not too tall and will branch nicely (not too close together). Each branch gives a decent size cola which overall leads to nice big yields. It also makes this strain easy to manicure. The buds are large, dense and light green with amber hairs. Good for both experienced and novice gardeners.