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Serious 6 is a high yielding, almost pure sativa from Serious Seeds. A cross between Canadian sativas and African landrace sativas this aromatic, citrusy plant will give you a clear-headed, inspiring high. Can be tricky to grow, so this one is suggested for experienced gardeners only. 17% THC.

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Serious 6 Genetics

Serious Seeds did their best here to get an almost pure sativa, recognizable in both its growth patterns and the type of high. The parent strains of Serious 6 are undefined but have their origins in Canadian genetics and African landrace sativas.

Serious 6 Effects

If you’re a fan of a sativa’s floaty, uplifting, clear and cerebral high then this will be brilliant for you, Serious 6 will keep you active and busy. If you find that sativas can make you a little anxious, try something with more indica in the mix.

Serious 6 Terpene Profile

Serious 6 has a really unique scent, said to build up in layers: first, you may get citrus, then aniseed, then spice. A strong terpene profile means you may detect even more variety of flavor while enjoying this one.

Medical Benefits Serious 6

Not really a medical strain but rather one for those looking for a focused, creative high. The CBD and other cannabinoid profiles are unknown, but she does have a moderate THC level of 17%, so could be useful for those needing light pain relief during the day, or help those with eye strain or headaches.

Grow characteristics

Long and strong, with elongated colas, Serious 6 looks like a classic sativa. Recognizable by its small leaves and pink pistils, it may show a purple tint, both in the leaves and foliage during flowering. Vigorous and very mold resistant, Serious 6 will finish early outdoors. It’s recommended not to start too early indoors as that may induce revegging. Most suited to experienced growers who can manage its hermaphroditic tendencies and susceptibility to light-induced stress.