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Early Skunk x Warlock

by Serious Seeds

Fat sugary little buds, often with a pinky-purple tint, mean this bushy sativa dom is a delight to behold. As she’s easy to grow, Biddy Early is a great starter strain for the enthusiastic beginner. There’s a 15-20% THC level in this happy little hybrid from Serious Seeds.

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Biddy Early Strain Genetics

A mix of Early Skunk and a variety of Warlock, Biddy Early has a nice combination of potency and sweetness. Sativa-dominant but with strong Indica qualities that contribute to a nice body buzz, in addition to the haze-like head high.

Biddy Early Strain Terpene Profile

Sweet and sugary Biddy Early’s taste has been likened to bubblegum. You’ll get lemon and candy in the nose, thanks to plenty of the terpene Limonene and you may get a whiff of a Diesel-y undertone too, due to her Skunk lineage.

Biddy Early Strain Effects

Clear-headed and giggly, the effect will be recognizable to sativa lovers everywhere. With 15-20% THC it can make for a good daytime toke, as it is unlikely to make you sleepy. Some folks do respond more to the indica side of the strain, and there is definitely a lovely body-high too. Blissed out and yet focused is how most happy smokers characterize her.

Medical Benefits Biddy Early Strain

Great for easing the weight of tired limbs, Biddy Early is physically very relaxing. Coupled to this come the favourite Sativa effects of stress relief and the clear-headedness that makes you feel care-free; good anti-depressant qualities. With a THC level of 15-20%, she also helps as a pain reliever, with less chance of inducing anxiety than her higher THC peers.

How to Grow Biddy Early Seeds

A specially bred as an outdoor variety, Biddy Early likes it humid and cold – perfect for those damp Northern European climes where, when happy, she can reach up to 2m. She is hardy and has good resistance to mold.

Biddy also displays wonderful red and purple foliation in colder temperatures. Flowering quickly and easily she is simple to grow and produces substantial yields, meaning she’s perfect for beginners.