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Haze 1 x Northern Lights

by Sensi Seeds

Silver Haze is the result of adding better growing characteristics to its genetics, without taking away the awesome flavor and effects of the pure, classic strain.

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Silver Haze Genetics

Even though the Haze genotype has been the pinnacle of pure sativa strains for decades, it has some major drawbacks when it comes to indoor cultivation, such as low yields, slow flowering, and unmanageable plant height. This became apparent when indoor growing became more popular in countries with colder climates. Because of those drawbacks, Sensi Seeds gave Silver Haze some much-needed bulk and growing-speed by cross-breeding it with Northern Lights.

Silver Haze Effects

The Haze family has always been described as one of the most potent and hard-hitting sativas in the world. So it will come to no surprise that this is no different for the offspring Silver Haze. The mostly cerebral effect of Silver Haze is energizing, uplifting, euphoric and will put a smile on your face as the creative juice start to flow. The focused and clear high is perfect for getting stuff done.

Silver Haze Terpene Profile

Flavour-wise, Silver Haze does not stray far from its original Haze ancestor. It still has the lovely sweet citrus and earthy aroma of pine wood forest

Medical Benefits Silver Haze

Due to the average THC levels of around 20%, Silver Haze is a great strain to help reduce inflammation, stomach cramps, glaucoma and pain. Its blissful and happy high will clear your mind of negative thoughts and combats fatigue, depression and other mental issues like PMS or PTSD.

How to Grow Silver Haze

Silver Haze will almost triple in height when it moves from the growing stage into the flowering stage. You’ll need to keep a close eye on her when cultivating indoors. Pruning or topping will be required. Silver Haze is very well suited to sea of green (SOG) cultivation methods. The indica genetics provide this strain with thicker, denser, silkier buds and a much larger yield than its parent. The total flowering time is also reduced by the indica influence, allowing clones and seedlings to flower fast under forced conditions.